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Harrumph Day Cocktails

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Cocktails and Movies Holiday 2014 Movie Guide

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The 2015 Golden Globe Nominations

Some surprises and some miss opportunities in the 2015 Golden Globes

golden globes cocktails and moviesThe 2015 Golden Globe Nominations came out this morning and there were a few surprises.

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Here is the link to the Golden Globes web page for you to see the whole list of the nominations.

Cocktails And Movies Review: “Nightcrawler” – A Dark, Dirty Rewrite Of The American Dream

By Mike ReyesNightcrawler_PayoffPoster

Jake Gyllenhaal racks up a performance of a lifetime in this seething directorial debut.

Remember the American dream we were promised as kids? Lou Bloom does, and he remembers it very well, right down to the last detail. The only problem is, the America we live in today has moved past that dream, leaving those who still believe in it to grow more and more disappointed with the world. Some simply give up the fight, while others adapt to the world around them. Not Lou Bloom though. Lou is ready to cash in on that American dream he was promised, and he’ll do anything to make it come true.

The Monday Morning Hangover Report – 11/10/14

by Tim Barley and Mike Reyes

Big Hero 6 rockets to the top, while Interstellar makes a killing worldwide and Gone Girl clings to the top five!


Good Monday morning, Mixers! After a couple of months off for Drinkmaster Tim and the staff, we’re back with your Monday Morning Hangover Report.

We hope your weekend was as productive and ice filled as ours was, as we’ve been restocking the bar back to office regulations, dusting off the glassware and pulled the barstools off the bar, especially considering “Manhattan” Mike Reyes has staggered back to the well and shown up in the offices again. (Though to be fair, he hasn’t been given the key to the top shelf of the drink cabinet, so he’s only allowed to drink from the Well liquors.) Professional reprimands aside, we’ve got the weekend box office numbers from the first weekend of “Winter Tentpole” season!

The Cocktails and Movies Holiday Movie Outlook

by Tim Barley

Something for everyone this holiday season

Cocktails And Movies - Holiday EditionHello, cocktailers! It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything what with a European trip to experience the true “Octoberfest” experience, which turned into more of a Beerfest three day binge in Munich. We also visited an actual movie set (Spectral) and had a great time. Look for this movie in late 2015, early 2016.

It’s been a tough year for the movies studios. Year over year, box office receipts were down 15% from last year’s huge box office total. Only one studio (20th Century Fox) managed to outdo its 2013 B.O. All other major movie studios were down significantly. And we can see why: there just wasn’t much to hold audiences after the first three months of the year. There was also that pesky World Cup thing going on…

But, we enter the holiday season. It’s like second Summer for movie studios and a last ditch effort to make some bottom lines until 2015 (which looks a-mazing!). So, I took a little look ahead and wanted to share my thoughts on some movies that are slated to come out the remainder of 2014. Just a note: I am not discussing Interstellar, Big Hero 6 and Dumb and Dumber, To. The first two come out this week, and well, I don’t know what to think about D&DT…

The Mid Week “Harrumph Day” Cocktail – Summer Sunset

Tim Barley

The sun sets slowly on another summer. One last time to drink a summer cocktail.

Endless SummerCan you believe it? Another summer has come and almost left us. Pretty soon, you won’t have to feel bad missing some sun to enjoy a movie in the theater and drink cocktails. We’ll recap the summer and look forward to the fall next week as we approach the Labor Day holiday, but we have one last summer cocktail to share with you before we all hunker down for Fall and Winter. It’s a little something we found buried in a recipe book back in the days when we drank rum like pirates and the the thought of a sugar-based hangover was just a far off mirage. It’s something we pulled back out of the book, dusted it off and made up a batch. It’s called the “Summer Sunset.”

We also call it this week’s Cocktails and Movies “HarrumphDay Cocktail.”