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The Mid Week “Harrumph Day” Cocktail – Summer Sunset

Tim Barley

The sun sets slowly on another summer. One last time to drink a summer cocktail.

Endless SummerCan you believe it? Another summer has come and almost left us. Pretty soon, you won’t have to feel bad missing some sun to enjoy a movie in the theater and drink cocktails. We’ll recap the summer and look forward to the fall next week as we approach the Labor Day holiday, but we have one last summer cocktail to share with you before we all hunker down for Fall and Winter. It’s a little something we found buried in a recipe book back in the days when we drank rum like pirates and the the thought of a sugar-based hangover was just a far off mirage. It’s something we pulled back out of the book, dusted it off and made up a batch. It’s called the “Summer Sunset.”

We also call it this week’s Cocktails and Movies “HarrumphDay Cocktail.”

Whaddya Got On Tap? – Aug 15th – 17th, 2014

By Tim Barley

Guns! Fun! And a remake of Pleasantville?

Whaddya Got On Tap Cocktails and Movies850 total years of age won’t stop the huge cast of Expendables 3 from firing guns, trying to kick ass and climb to the top of the box office this weekend. It’s a pretty good bet that it will be #1 this weekend. BUT, will it outdistance the YA movie The Giver, or will Let’s Be Cops give it a run for its money? Again, this weekend looks like it has something for everyone: old guy with guns and action, young adult dystopian future addicts have their pick and those who are looking to just laugh with a drink (or two!) in their hands.  

With that, it’s time to see what’s on tap for the weekend!

The Mid Week Harrumph Day Cocktail: Ginger-Cuke Cocktail

by Tim “the overlord” Barley

Grab a cocktail suggested by our followers and enjoy that last bit of summer…

stand by me

It’s mid August already, faithful Cocktails and Movies followers. Gone are the big summer movies as we all look forward to the fall with school, work and the upcoming holiday season. (yes, I did just say that.) But, there is still time to kick back with a cocktail and enjoy a midweek respite with a movie and the family. And of course, you can’t have a movie without a cocktail. If you do, you’re not doing it right. This week, we got a suggestion from some Twitter followers, Katie and Sarah, who have site called Check them out! Anyway, they suggested this refreshing cocktail for us and we sent the interns to Bevmo post haste. We mixed it up and voila! We drank about a pitcher of these all told. It’s the Ginger-Cuke cocktail!

We also call it this week’s Cocktails and Movies “HarrumphDay Cocktail.”

A Spark Of Madness: In Memory Of Robin Williams

By Mike Reyes

No one else will ever have the crazy range of Robin Williams


How the hell do you say goodbye to someone like Robin Williams? It’s hard to say goodbye to someone you did not know personally, someone who wasn’t family or friend or personally there with you every step of the way. Yet Robin Williams, to a lot of us, was just that. He never seemed like someone who was removed from humanity, but a friendly part of it. The man was a force of nature that never quite stopped still, be it in a drama, comedy, or a mix of the two. Even just normal everyday life managed to power him with something so special and so unique that it was hard for the man not to make you smile.

As a kid, I was raised on a lot of Mr. Williams’ films. There were periods of time that I’d watch Mrs. Doubtfire or Jumanji before I went to school in the morning. Every day, I’d pop in the VHS and pick up from where I left off, only to do it all over again once the film was over. As much as I loved films like those, Aladdin, and of course, Dead Poets Society; I also loved the “deep cuts” of the Williams catalog. I became infatuated with Toys once I’d rented it on VHS, that I actually bought myself a copy of the film and the soundtrack once I’d had the allowance money. In High School, I completely bought into Bicentennial Man, and should still have the poster lying around my parents’ house somewhere. My parents loved him before I even truly knew who he was, but even in his kids flicks, I could see why I liked Robin Williams: I could identify with him.

I was a rambunctious kid, with a lot of energy and some lack of focus. I was eventually diagnosed with ADD, and for a little while I felt weird about it. Until one day, I was meeting my new pediatrician at the time, and he told my father and I that he too was an ADD kid. He understood that it wasn’t a “disorder” like the official classification said it was, but it was a gift. You had to throw the reins on it and steer it in the right direction, but it was a gift nonetheless. Robin Williams had a gift of having massive amounts of energy and knowing how to harness it and keep it locked up when he had to, while at the same time knowing how much to let go and where to let it go to. Surely if he could do it, I could too, couldn’t I?

Which brings us to today. I don’t want to say goodbye to Robin Williams, and quite frankly none of us should. It’s sad that a man so funny could be so upset in his own life that, as others have cited, he couldn’t find the humor for himself to enjoy. While his work will always be with us, we should take this time to reach out to those we know and love and see how they’re doing. Depression can hide in anyone, and the only real weapons we have against it are kindness and therapy. We not only lost a great actor, we lost a great man – a man who was a geek like us. May his family find comfort in this time of despair and sadness, and may the great man himself find peace wherever he is. Farewell, Mr. Williams. We’ll keep the spark of madness alive in your name, and in the name of anyone else who needs a good laugh.

Monday Morning Hangover Report – August 11th, 2014

By Tim Barley

Turtles comes out of its shell to to lead the weekend box office; Guardians holds at #2

la_ca_0805_teenage_mutant_ninja_turtlesAs expected to some (but not me, apparently), everyone loves the TMNT. If you’re a comic book fan, then you know that means that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles led the box office this weekend with an impressive $65 million. Apparently, entire families put up with each other to go sit together in one place without electronics and watch reptiles on the big screen. Or was it Megan Fox?We suspect that lots of alcohol may have been involved to keep families this tight. The numbers were so impressive that Paramount has ordered a sequel already for 2016. So, we have that to look forward to in a few years. In other news, Guardians of the Galaxy fell to number two. No big surprise. And no big surprise that it lost 56% of its numbers from the previous weekend as everyone went to see it the first weekend. Still, it’s a funny movie with lots of moving parts, so I’d suggest seeing it again. Coming in at number three is our Monday Afternoon Field Trip Movie – Into the Storm. Yep, that’s right. We’ve found no better way to deal with Mondays that to just give up half way during the day and go see a movie. Well, that’s the top three, let’s take a look at the rest as we see what you saw this weekend.

Try to remember what you drank, too.