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Cocktails And Movies Review: “Tomorrowland” – The Future That Never Was Explodes In Technicolor Delight

by Mike Reyes

Brad Bird strikes again, as geeks and kids alike will go nuts over this sci-i adventure!

Walt Disney was a man who had a stereotypical vision of a utopic future. A world where peace and harmony reigned, humanity wasn’t scrapping with itself over the resources, technology that would be available to all, and a world where imagination was as important as commerce. Tomorrowland was that vision, and it stands in the Disney theme parks as a constant reminder that, as the song says, “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day!” Sadly, Walt’s vision was never truly fulfilled in the real world, and as our culture has moved forward it’s taken a more cynical approach to its reality as well as its fiction. Still, there are dreamers out there who believe we could be doing better, and Brad Bird (The Incredibles) has always clearly been one of them. Only a wide eyed dreamer could create a film like Tomorrowland, and only Bird could make it soar.

Cocktails for a Tuesday

by Tim Barley

Today in SoCal, it’s gray and foggy, so that’s what we’re drinking…

This is considered "gray" today.

This is considered “gray” today.

Looking outside the window today, it’s just begging for us to turn on the DVD player (yes, we are “old school”) and pop in a movie. But, it’s also a great day to imbibe a cocktail or two (or three) while watching said movie. We searched far and wide for a cocktail to make today that would keep us warm and refresh us as well. So, we found a variation of the classic cocktail the “Dark and Stormy.”

It’s calle the “Gray and Foggy.”

The 2015 Golden Globe Nominations

Some surprises and some miss opportunities in the 2015 Golden Globes

golden globes cocktails and moviesThe 2015 Golden Globe Nominations came out this morning and there were a few surprises.

What were your thoughts? Go to our Facebook page and tell us what you think.

Here is the link to the Golden Globes web page for you to see the whole list of the nominations.

Cocktails And Movies Review: “Nightcrawler” – A Dark, Dirty Rewrite Of The American Dream

By Mike ReyesNightcrawler_PayoffPoster

Jake Gyllenhaal racks up a performance of a lifetime in this seething directorial debut.

Remember the American dream we were promised as kids? Lou Bloom does, and he remembers it very well, right down to the last detail. The only problem is, the America we live in today has moved past that dream, leaving those who still believe in it to grow more and more disappointed with the world. Some simply give up the fight, while others adapt to the world around them. Not Lou Bloom though. Lou is ready to cash in on that American dream he was promised, and he’ll do anything to make it come true.