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Cocktails And Movies Review: “Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor”


Cocktails And Movies Geeks Out Over A Limited Theatrical Event That Promises Fun For All

His name is The Doctor. Over 1200 years old, he comes from the planet Gallifrey, home of the Time Lords. Through his lifespan he’s seen a lot of history, and made even more of it. But there’s one day that’s always stuck with him, a particularly painful day in his own personal history. A day where he made the ultimate sacrifice and secured galactic peace at the highest cost. It is a day that’s haunted him ever since, making him the man he is today. It is The Last Day Of The Time War, and it is a day he will be forced to confront yet again. He won’t be alone though, as he’ll have his colleagues, his companion – Clara, and… himself… times two. Having one Doctor can be dangerous enough, but imagine what three can do.

Cocktails and Movies Review: “Star Trek Into Darkness” – A Welcome Course Correction For All

Cocktails and Movies embarks on Star Trek‘s continuing mission: to explore strange new plots. To seek out new events and new characterizations. To boldly go where Star Trek has decided to go…

Star Trek, at its best, shines a light on our biggest fears and concerns in the arenas of cocktails and movies star-trek-into-darknessdiplomatic relations and the ethics of warfare. At its worst, it takes high concept science fiction, and hampers it with ineffectively cliched trappings that make for a painfully bad time. With a new series, and a new timeline to be followed, J.J. Abrams redefined the Star Trek universe to meld a high concept Trek film with an action/adventure-fueled Trek romp. In Star Trek Into Darkness, Abrams manages to further redefine the universe of Star Trek, while at the same time effectively melding together political intrigue and high concept science fiction. What results is a film that is probably one of the most effective examinations of not only the subject of terrorism; but also the themes of duty, honor, and compliance. In essence, J.J. Abrams makes a film that not only satisfies Trekkies of all stripes, but also manages to entertain general audiences that are looking for a thrilling summer flick.

Cocktails & Movies Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected (and Thoroughly Delightful) Journey

Cocktails & Movies review of The HobbitEven though we love JRR Tolkien and have nothing but the utmost respect for “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, a bit of doubt crept up like that of Sauron himself when we heard the rumblings of the 48 fps showings. Luckily, we found tickets for a midnight showing of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” in the traditional non-3D, 24 fps showing. And through our Nyquil martinis we were treated to a fun, reluctant first film installment of the three film journey through Middle Earth.