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by Tim Barley

Our first annual Golden Flask Awards include some fun times golden flask awards

As the Oscars are upon us this weekend, I thought I’d take a look at what I thought were the best movies of 2017. No slight meant to great movies like Dunkirk, The Shape of Water and others, but they didn’t make my list. They are great movies. But, there are reasons that I go to the movies and created and they weren’t always to see the “it” movie. No pun intended. It’s to be entertained, to laugh and to wonder, and on a very rare occasion, shed a tear. So, not necessarily the best artistically or overall best picture, these movies were the ones that were the best for Cocktails and Movies.

Worst of 2017 – Shitty Well Vodka Bloody Mary Awards

by Tim Barley

Yawn, The opposite of a Golden Flask Award list 2017 Shitty Movie Awards

NOTE: I did not see any of the movies in the above photo.

Each week, on our “Monday Morning Hangover Report,” shares with you what happened each weekend at the box office. Every week, we report on the box office numbers and which movies did well and which disappointed by offering up Cristal mimosas and bloody Mary’s. As the Hollywood Award Season culminates with the Oscars, we want to look back at the good and the bad of 2017 as we offer up our First Annual “Shitty Well Vodka Bloody Mary Awards.” Let’s all grab a cocktail and remember (or try NOT to) these films of 2017.

The 2015 Golden Globe Nominations

Some surprises and some miss opportunities in the 2015 Golden Globes

golden globes cocktails and moviesThe 2015 Golden Globe Nominations came out this morning and there were a few surprises.

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Here is the link to the Golden Globes web page for you to see the whole list of the nominations.

Cocktails And Movies’ Boozy Ballot ’14 – Oscar Edition


Time to get ready for Sunday, golden Sunday with our Oscar picks!

Cocktails and Movies Oscars 2014Oscar Night! That one big night of the year us film geeks can sit around a television and berate the action like a sports fan debates the ref on game day. All at once a shining symbol of excellence, and a reminder that American Hustle might have been a loosely veiled adaptation of Oscar Voting season, set in the true life story of the Abscam sting in New Jersey. There will be favorites. There will be snubs. There will be blood! Ok, maybe not blood, but there will definitely running mascara and foundation. And there will be drinking right here in the Cocktails and Movies offices.

In preparation for the excitement of Hollywood’s big night, we here at Cocktails and Movies would like to share our own picks for the top winners of the top honors of the evening. And boy, do we have A LOT to say, folks. So pull up a chair, and your Oscar Ballots, as we might have some inside tips for you to pick the winners.

The Cocktails and Movies 2014 Golden Globes Reality Check

by Tim Barley and Mike Reyes

Is all that glitters, Gold(en Globes)?

golden-globes-logoAwards season picks up speed, and on Sunday night the Golden Globes will not only tell us a lot about where the Oscar voters minds are, they’ll tell us a lot about who’s going to be nominated and who’s going to win. Think of the Golden Globes as a complicated semi finals game for films to win in order to go to the Oscar finals. Movies mentioned here will have their first, and possibly last, mention in any awards proceedings. So, it’s only fitting that Boss Tim and I make our first stab at Awards Prognostication in this bold, brand new year. The game is simple: we’re going to list the categories, and one by one we’re going to chime in with our $.02, and as the man once said: the rules are made up, and the points don’t matter. So, here… we… go…: