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Cocktails and Movies Trailer Tap: 12/19/13

Short movies for short attention spans…

cocktails and movies trailer tapSometimes we at Cocktails and Movies don’t have time for a whole cocktail. So we do shots and thankfully there are trailers out there for us to watch while doing shots. Every week, the studios drop new trailers for us and we do our best to watch them for you and show you the best of what’s out there.

Cocktails And Movies’ Trailer Tap – 12/12/13

by Tim Barley & Mike Reyes

The “Trailer Tap” – previews for short attention spans

cocktails and movies trailer tapWelcome once more to Cocktails and Movies’ Trailer Tap: the column where the best part of the movies becomes your prospectus to movie-going wonderment in the coming months! Before anyone asks, we have not been bought out or bribed by Warner Brothers. They just happened to drop three big trailers for Summer tentpoles in IMAX 3D, seeing as they have kind of a big movie releasing this weekend. We’ll leave it to you to figure out which movie that is, but we should have a review for it this weekend.

Cocktails And Movies’ Trailer Tap – 12/5/13

by Mike Reyes

Happy Thursday, Mixers! You know the Thursday drill! You show up, you watch five trailers and read me rant about why I’m so picky with some movies and so doe eyed over others. The funny part is, I never know which ones will end up on what side. In fact, two of this week’s picks surprised me and actually managed to sell their respective films to me without a hitch. Of course, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Which means you know exactly what I’m going to say about A Haunted House 2. Anyways, sit back and grab the popcorn. The best part of the movies is here…

Welcome To The Jungle

Studio: Cinedigm

Release Date: 02/07/14

Concept: A corporate retreat in the jungle becomes a comedic version of Lord of the Flies, as Jean Claude Van Damme leads a group of 9-5 office types in an exercise dedicated to unleashing the beast within.  

Presentation/Spoilers: The trailer looks like it’s pulling from all over the film, and borders on giving all of the gags away. Knowing this type of movie, they’re  either saving the best/raunchiest gags for the film, or they’re giving it all away and we’ll have to suffer with weak tea subplots until each of these moments arrives. 

Anticipation Factor: Moderate. It does look like fun, and Van Damme is cashing in on Action and Comedy gold these days, but this could go either way.

Cocktails and Movie’s Trailer Tap – 11/21/13

Trailers – movies for the ADD crowd

cocktails and movies trailer tapEvery week, Cocktails and Movies scours the Internet to find you the trailers that have dropped and made some waves. And some of them are just there because we like the movies. Either way, we bring you five (yes, 5!) trailers every week!


The Cocktails And Movies Trailer Tap – 11/14/2013

Credit goes to Peter Bros Nissen for the awesome photo, shared on Flickr!

It’s Thirsty Thursday again here at the Trailer Tap, and we have some interesting trailers for you all to partake in this week. Emotional distress! Fairy Tales come to life! Teenagers rebelling against the system! Even talking dogs and time travel! It’s all here on Tap, and it’s waiting for your viewing pleasure.

For your viewing pleasure…