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Monday Morning Hangover Report – September 8th, 2015

by Tim Barley

The War Room battles into first place

Cocktails and Movies Weekend Wrap Up The War Room

Good morning, Mixers! Well, it’s back to work today. After a long weekend, it’s time to buckle down through the end of the year as we all just wait around for The Force Awakens to open… But, this morning we’re back with your Monday Morning Hangover Report.

The LAST Weekend Wrap Session for 2013


It Was The Best of Times & Worst of Times, And The End of Times! The Last Weekend Wrap Session of 2013!

Cocktails and Movies Weekend Wrap Up 12-30Here we are, the last Weekend Wrap Session of 2013. It’s been a hell of a year here at C&M and we’d just like to thank you all again for jumping on board with this little “Dog and Pony Show.”  In the coming days as we look forward to 2014, we’ll be reflecting on what 2013 meant for movies, cocktails, and where Cocktails and Movies goes from here. For now though, we have a bit of a question for you all, so perhaps you could help us answer the riddle of the moment: were there any new movies released this weekend? Looks like your guess was as good as ours, judging by the grosses of this weekend’s new contenders. Here’s the rundown of who placed where this weekend at the movies:

Cocktails and Movies Weekend Wrap Up: Dec. 23rd


Two Beasts Squared Off Last Weekend… Who Managed To Claim “King Of The Box Office?”

Cocktails and Movies Weekend Wrap Up 12/23 Anchorman 2 vs. The Hobbit dec 23So last weekend saw the return of Ron Burgundy and the entire Channel 4 news team, after years of false starts, rejections, and plan tweaking. Did it pay off? Has Burgundy usurped the throne of a film that fans have already started to sour on? Here are this weekend’s estimates with the answers to those and other questions we failed to ask on Friday. (Hey, it’s the holidays and “holiday weather!”)

Cocktails and Movies Weekend Wrap Up – 12/16


A dragon fires to the top of the Box Office… But comes up short historically

Weekend Wrap UPLast weekend’s box office was a decent showing, despite various SantaCons going on throughout the nation, and a snowy climate in the Northeastern part of the country. (Also, to all you SantaCon people out there, you now officially have no excuse to mock people dressing up for movie openings and ComicCon. We’re all in the “dressing as imaginary figures” boat now, and it’s practically a cruise ship. And, we don’t brawl in the streets.) We don’t know what you guys thought was going on, but we pretty much pegged the rankings for the top 5. Although our figures were a bit off, so maybe it’s time to rejigger the Calculatron 2000… or to perhaps spring for the Calculatron 3000.

Cocktails and Movies Weekend Wrap Up – 12/9


Disney Freezes Lionsgate’s Chances At A Threepeat!

cocktails and movies frozen-movieIt’s frozen outside the theater, and it’s Frozen inside the theater! Disney’s animated tale of winter packed ’em in this past weekend, cooling off Catching Fire and leaving the new movies opening this past weekend nowhere near the top. Out of the Furnace wasn’t anywhere close to the heat this weekend, taking in less than a 1/3 of its forecasted haul. If there’s one thing we learned from last weekend, it’s that Tim is correct 50% of the time, and even that only happens every 1/3 try.

Here we go with the numbers from last weekend’s box office: