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Cocktails and Movies: Whaddya Got On Tap? 4/14/17

by Tim Barley & Mike Reyes

Fate of the Furious looks to run down the competition


cocktails and movies whaddya got on tap 4.14.17

There’s only one big movie opening this weekend, but boy is it a biggie! The gang all returns, with all their cars and a new villianness. And a submarine! Fate should just about take ALL the money this weekend, but who will take the next nine spots?

Let’s see what’s new this week.

Whaddya Got On Tap? – Week of 03/31/16

Tim Barley with Duwayne Tso whaddya got on tap 4.1.16

Well, well, well. It’s April. And that means our first annual “Month of Funny” is here. All month long we’ll be celebrating funny movies and funny cocktails. We hope you will play along, as we have a great prize for you if you are the funniest viewer out there. (see further posts for details on how to play and win.)

But, first, we need to do a little of the regular business and ask you, “Whaddya Got On Tap?” this weekend. Well, for us, nothing. We may try to find one of the ten theaters showing Everybody Wants Some, but really there isn’t anything for us here in the office until next weekend. But, hey, YOU might see one of these movies this weekend. Or you may seen Duwayne, who somehow sees up to eight movies a week.

Let’s see what’s new this week.

Whaddya Got On Tap? – Labor Day 2015 Edition!

by Tim Barley, Mike Reyes & Duwayne Tso

Walking or riding. What’s your pleasure?

Cocktails and Movies Whaddya Got On Tap?

Good morrrrrrnnnnninnnnnnggggggg Mooooo-veeeeee Goooooo-errrrrrrrrs!

We’re back! And we’re growing, getting stronger, drinking heavily and taking the remainder of 2015 by storm to set up and grab 2016 by the horns. More events! Celebrity Q&A’s! Interviews over cocktails! Reviews (of both films AND restaurants). And of course, many many cocktails.

Whaddya Got On Tap? – Aug 15th – 17th, 2014

By Tim Barley

Guns! Fun! And a remake of Pleasantville?

Whaddya Got On Tap Cocktails and Movies850 total years of age won’t stop the huge cast of Expendables 3 from firing guns, trying to kick ass and climb to the top of the box office this weekend. It’s a pretty good bet that it will be #1 this weekend. BUT, will it outdistance the YA movie The Giver, or will Let’s Be Cops give it a run for its money? Again, this weekend looks like it has something for everyone: old guy with guns and action, young adult dystopian future addicts have their pick and those who are looking to just laugh with a drink (or two!) in their hands.  

With that, it’s time to see what’s on tap for the weekend!

Whaddya Got On Tap? – Aug 8th – 10th, 2014

By Tim Barley and Mike Reyes

Cooking, dancing, tornadoes and turtles. Oh my!

tap 8.8 coverThere’s a big batch of big movies for all audiences this weekend. It’s a lot like you’d find on reality TV, but only in the theaters. For the “Hell’s Kitchen” set you have The Hundred Foot Journey. For those storm chasers over at The Weather Channel you have Into The Storm. “So You Think You Can Dance” is represented by Step Up All In. Clearly, we are in a great time in media synchronicity. Or maybe studios are just vast wastelands of creativity, searching only for the almighty dollar. Before we diss the entire weekend, there are a couple of movies that Tim will probably go see, because he loves The Weather Channel so much…

With that, it’s time to see what’s on tap for the weekend!