Cocktails and Movie Weekend Review: “Wait. What Happened?”

cocktails and movies star-trek-into-darknessCocktails and Movies tells you how you spent your allowance last weekend

By Tim Barley and Mike Reyes

Trifecta, kids! Like Kevin Spacey at Pimlico, we picked the horses this weekend and won! We placed the first three films correctly, but had a bit of a snafu with the numbers. It’s a process, these things take time. But, we’re getting the hanging of this projection thing.

Here were your Top Ten choices for this past weekend.

1. Star Trek Into Darkness: Actual – $70.6 mil, Prediction: $78 mil. (note: we were including the extra day which, when included in the results gives it $84 million)

2. Iron Man 3: Actual – $35.2 mil. , Prediction – $27 mil.

3. The Great Gatsby: Actual – $23.4 mil., Prediction – $14 mil.

4. Pain and Gain: $3.1 mil

5. The Croods: $2.75 mil

6. 42 $2.73 mil

7. Oblivion: $2.22 mil

8. Mud$2.16 mil

9. Peeples: $2.15mil

10. The Big Wedding: $1.1 mil.

Star Trek Into Darkness didn’t make the $100 million mark that Paramount was really hoping for, but when compared to Star Trek ’09, it was only off by about $4.6 million. Still, Paramount has to be crapping their pants, wondering if this movie will hit the $150 million mark with two heavyweights coming out this weekend (The Hangover Part III and Fast and Furious 6). Star Trek will feast upon whatever scraps are left from those two. Expect Iron Man and The Great Gastby to start descending even further, as they did the smart thing and made their money early.

In other box office news, Pain and Gain placing 4th was a surprise, but an even bigger surprise is the close (and we mean CLOSE) race between the 5-9 slots. We usually round out to one decimal point with the weekend totals, but the competition was so close, that we rounded out one more decimal place, just to make our point. The biggest surprise was that Peeples made a steep drop from a 4th place last weekend down to 9th place this weekend. Lucky for producer Tyler Perry & director Tina Gordon Chism, they have recouped about 58.7% of its $15 million.

On the other end of the Indie spectrum, Mud continues to hang on to 8th place, keeping a steady box office around the same, consistent level of success that it’s had since its limited release. It might seem like peanuts when you compare it to the grosses of the big picture films, but when you realize that it probably had a budget more akin to its title, this film has a better chance of making its budget back than a film like Star Trek. Even with a film like Pain and Gain, which looked like it’d be another quick cash injection for Paramount has turned into a consistently solvent experiment in small scale filmmaking with big names.

We know everyone has lamented the Indie scene since the day big studios have gotten involved (initially through separate divisions, but now increasingly through their major production shingles), but we can’t help but think that this competition only helps Indie films flourish. Especially when you take into account the rise of picture houses like Open Road, Film District, and Roadside Attractions; as well as the most notable rags to riches success of Lionsgate/Summit. Who’d have thought sparkling vampires would be such a boon to the film industry? Just as the release windows for tentpoles and tentpole test cases have widened, expect the competition between movie studios to widen even further when once indie houses known for horror franchises start spending their money on teen literary sensations.

Weekend 3 is in Post Production, waiting for some additional ADR recordings and those awesome visual effects we like to add into the frame. (Bottom line: explosions and extra swear word removal.) As we approach one of the biggest weekends of the Summer, the competition is going to get fierce. Allegences will be shattered, cars will be wrecked, and Zach Galifinakis is probably going to find a girlfriend in Melissa McCarthy. Memorial Day Weekend 2013: This Time, It’s Complicated! You’re gonna want to keep it here, folks! Cocktails and Movies isn’t only here to tell you what you should be watching, but we’re also here to tell you what to wash it down with. We’re awesome like that. Good hunting, movie geeks!