Cocktails and Movies Flicks To Pick: Take Our Advice


This week on a very special “Flicks To Pick:” Cocktails and Movies addresses the spawning of another Adam Sandler “film,” and advises moviegoers to do the right thing.

cocktails and movies pacific rim v grown ups 2

Fight! Fight!

How did we get here? We’re deep in the thick of the summer rush, and someone thought it was a good idea to release an Adam Sandler movie against a true summer movie spectacle that manages to look and feel like a good time out. Well people… it’s partially your doing, because enough of you out there went to see the first Grown Ups convince Sony that what we needed was ANOTHER Grown Ups. Feeling a little guilty about now? That’s ok… we’re not tyrants here. We just wish you’d see something more worth your time, like maybe Pacific Rim. It promotes the old fashioned ideal of having fun and supporting the artists that are still out there. Remember to share our flicks to pick with your friends from our Cocktails and Movies Facebook or Twitter page using the hashtag #flickstopick.

That in mind, here are this weekend’s Flicks to Pick:

New releases for the weekend of  July 12th – 14th

cocktails and movies flicks to pick pacific_rimPacific Rim (rated PG-13) Distributor: Warner Brothers,

Director: Guillermo Del Toro,

Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, and Ron Perlman.

In the near future, the world is under attack by a threat known as the Kaijus. Funneling in through a interdimensional fissure in the Pacific Ocean, (damn you, James Cameraon!!! Why didn’t you find this fissure before we were attacked?) these monsters are combatted by gigantic, human-built, robotic “Jaegers.” Piloted by the best and the brightest, this rag tag group of warriors are all that stand between us and extinction.

It’s been cool to bag on Pacific Rim as of late, but director Guillermo Del Toro is lucky he has a studio that believes in him and his product. Warner Brothers is on the offensive, pushing advanced buzz from reviewers into the forefront to co-mingle with the already built in hype of its fanbase. For an original property, with a budget of $185 Million, this movie’s going to have a lot of work ahead of it to break even. Still, if the fans love it, more will follow.

cocktails and movies flicks to pick grown_ups_2Grown Ups 2 (rated PG-13) Distributor: Sony,

Director: Dennis Dugan, Starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Salma Hayek, Maya Rudolph, Shaquille O’Neal

(Sorry, we just threw up in our mouths…)

Lenny Feder (Sandler) has moved back to his home town, where his wife (Hayek), their kids, and his best friends (Spade, Rock, and James) can get into some crazy shenannigans involving alpha male frat boys, unstable locals of all sorts, and a plethora of cameo appearances.

Honestly, what more can we say about this movie? It’s an Adam Sandler movie where he has focus-group-friendly children, annoying catch phrases, a “smokin’ hot” wife (that’s the scientific term), and a bunch of “hilarity ensuing.” You know what it’s about, we know what it’s about, and you’re either on the bus or you’re trying to flatten the tires…

Will Team Sandler manage to make us wish we didn’t live on this planet anymore? Or will Team Del Toro manage to win one for the little big guy? Before we think about that, here are the actuals from last weekend. Our reviews linked to each relevant film, and apologies for you Lone Ranger fans… we haven’t reviewed it just yet. Not for a lack of curiousity, but well… we’ve been busy:

Last weekend’s Top Ten at the Box Office :

1. Despicable Me 2: $83.5 mil.

2.The Lone Ranger  T: $29.2 mil.

3. The Heat: $24.8 mil.

4. Monsters University: $19.7 mil.

5. World War Z: $18.4 mil.

6. White House Down: $13.5 mil.

7. Man of Steel: $11.4 mil.

8. Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain: $10 mil.

9. This Is The End: $5.9 mil.

10. Now You See Me: $2.9 mil

Enough Post Mortem… we all know what you’ve come here for. You’re here to see where we rank the Titans that are facing head to head this weekend. If there were a weekend you were looking forward to the weekend’s projections, it would be this one. Here now are Cocktails and Movies Flicks To Pick:


1. Pacific Rim

Look, this movie is the movie that the characters IN the movie Grown Ups 2 would go see. And therein lies the irony. This movie isn’t going to be a home run out the gate. At least, not in the beginning. If this flick is going to have any chance of success, it’s going to be by replicating the World War Z model. A 3D genre movie with a Hollywood press all too ready to sing at its funeral, the film has a lot of advanced praise and a solid fan base that could propel this flick to the top. Not to mention, since everyone’s been talking about it for the past couple of weeks, it’s going to be a morbid curiousity for people to partake in. If all of that wasn’t enough, throw in an IMAX 3D release as a cherry on the sundae, and you have a recipe for a modest success. If Warner Brothers is going to make anything off of this movie, it’s going to have to be in the long run. It’s just lucky for them (or smart of them) that they positioned this film in the Batman slot, with the next couple of weeks being filled with light competition. 

Estimated Weekend: $42 million


2. Despicable Me 2

Kids! They keep stuff like this afloat no problem. With its financial success already in the bag, expect a sizeable drop from last week’s 5 day total of $143 million. That said, it’s still going to make a nice profit this weekend, as it doesn’t have any real competition in the kids market. Turbo is the next competitor in that market, and even that doesn’t look like it’ll dampen the Despicable charm.

Estimated Weekend: $39 million


3. Grown Ups 2

This movie is unavoidable this weekend. It is a film that has a market, and knows what it wants. It does not hesitate to give that market what it wants, which is more of the same. The thing is, Sandler isn’t as much of a box office draw as he once was. His films have increasingly been marginalized in their audience appeal, to the point where you’re basically selling Adam Sandler movies to Adam Sandler fans. With that in mind, there are still enough Adam Sandler fans who are still in the tank for him and his crew.

*** (Overlord Tim here: I hope I’m wrong, but there is the very real possibility that this movie could totally come out of nowhere and clinch the top spot with a $50 opening this weekend. I don’t have much faith in the general movie going population (or there’d  be a LOT more coming to our events with us to see good movies), and since NO ONE saw Grown Ups  to make the money it did, there is a chance for it appearing in the top spot. Prove me wrong, Cocktails and Movies fans!)

Estimated Weekend: $34 million

And with that, your weekend’s “Flicks to Pick” have been selected! Consequences be damned, that’s what we feel will take place. Anybody agree/disagree with this weekend’s picks? Send us some competition in the Comments section below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

 We’ll see you again this Monday, when we bring the official Cocktails & Movies Jaeger (Code Named: Tequila Beatdown) in for some repairs. We can’t tell you what our mission is, all we can say is that Kevin James will be the only one spared.  Until next time, may you treat your liquor like you treat your movies: know what you’re spending your money on, and do so responsibly.