Cocktails and Movies “Harrumph Day Cocktail:” Tim’s M Squared C

by Tim Barley

The things we do in college…

The Rum Diary


It’s getting close, cocktailers. Yes, the days, while hot and humid as hell, are growing slightly cooler and shorter every day as Fall creeps ever closer. And that means school is almost in session. For the college age kids, (and you really should be 21 or over to be on the cocktails portion of Cocktails and Movies), that means making crappy drinks with whatever you can find.

Which brings me to… me. As a junior at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, a school KNOWN for its hard partying ways, I worked at a place called The Flamingo, a bar below street level which gave yours truly time to learn to make his own drinks after hours. Some of you know that I used to LOVE rum. Love, love, love rum. And Bacardi was my drink of choice. So plain light rum is great. And anyone can make a rum and coke. But, can you handle a DOUBLE RUM AND COKE? I don’t mean two shots. I mean two TYPES of rum. Well, one night after hours, and needing a caffeine AND a sugar high in order to make it to IHOP to kill a short stack before walking back home, I created the M2C (read “M Squared C”), a rum and coke with Captain Morgan’s and Malibu. With this much sugar, it’s definitely an acquired taste, but I suspect if you blend it, it would be fantastic!

So, without further ado, let’s make some kick ass Mid Week Harrumph Day cocktails and slide toward the weekend…(As always, we have to remind you youngin’s out there that alcohol is for those over 21, which the state considers “adults.” As you can imagine, if they actually met some 21 year olds, including us, they would understand that the 21 year old drinking age is arbitrary at best. Still it’s the law.)


Ingredients: Cocktails and Movies Harrumph Day Cocktail The M2C

  • 1 1/2 oz Malibu Rum
  • 1 1/2 oz Captain Morgan’s Rum
  • Coca-Cola, or Diet Coke if you’d like

If you have to ask, then you need some help. But, if you really must follow instructions:

  • Pour rums over ice
  • Add Coke
  • Stir

So, at the office today, go for the three cocktail lunch then go watch a movie and THEN get back to work.

— C&M —

Well, that’s all from us at Cocktails and Movies which should get you through this week and keep you satisfied until next week.

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