Cocktails and Movies’ Monday Morning Hangover Report

Divergent captures the flag, with God making another top 10 appearance.


(Yes, we have changed the title of this as well).

Talk about a weekend of surprises and sure things. The first weekend of the NCAA basketball March Madness may have taken a little bit of steam out of bottom five movies, but Divergent predictably took the top spot at the box office. And out of nowhere, Christian Indie flick God’s Not Dead managed to take Son of God‘s box office torch and run with it to a fifth place finish. People love that God fellow…

Here’s the rest of this weekend’s numbers:

1. Divergent: Actual: $56 mil. / Estimate: $53 mil. – 1st Place
2. Muppets Most Wanted: Actual: $16.5 mil. / Estimate: $29 mil. – 2nd Place
3.  Mr. Peabody and Sherman: Actual: $11.7 mil. / Estimate: $17 mil. – 3rd Place
4. 300: Rise of An Empire: Actual: $8.7 mil. / Estimate: $16 mil. – 4th Place
5. God’s Not Dead: $8.6 mil.
6. Need For Speed: Actual: $7.8 mil. / Estimate: $12 mil. – 5th Place
7. The Grand Budapest Hotel: $6.8 mil.
8. Non-Stop: $6.4 mil.
9. The LEGO Movie: $4.1 mil.
10. Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club: $3.1 mil.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman is still entertaining the little ones, but Muppets Most Wanted took a little more of the market share this weekend. With no shortage of options, kids are pushing the box office into a comfortable position. Even The LEGO Movie is puttering about in the lower five, bringing in a steady source of income to what will probably become a franchise. Also, this is the first weekend we don’t see Frozen on the top 10 charts. Maybe we can start to let the fad die down? Just a little bit?

Just when you thought the religious film market had died down with Son of God‘s departure from the charts, in comes its resurrection with the PureFlix’s release based off of a Christian Pop God’s Not Dead. With the unlikely cast of Kevin Sorbo, one of the Robertson’s from Duck Dynasty, and ex-Superman Dean Cain, this movie somehow mobilized enough of an opening weekend push to make its way to the top five. The past couple of months have been interesting for niche films like this. The Spanish language hit Instructions Not Included, and even Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel are just a couple as these smaller films have been making a name for themselves with Indie financing and strong whisper campaigns.


Action still had a decent showing at the box office as 300: Rise of an Empire managed to stay with a 4th place finish, Need For Speed brought in a 6th place showing, and Non-Stop  is starting to descend into a final approach pattern with an 8th place finish. Bringing out top 10 to a close is Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club, making us wonder if Perry’s grip on the box office is slipping because of his ridiculous plots, his reliance on a blunt Grandma in drag for profit, or because he’s making moves to become more of an acting talent than a directing talent. (He’s going to be in Gone Girl this Fall, so naturally his attention has been elsewhere for a little.)
Monday’s here, and you’re either on the bus or you’re not. We don’t stop around here, and we don’t take Monday as a sign of weakness. So get some water into your system, grab one more of what put you in your Monday funk, and keep it tuned here. You might have just gotten back to work, but us? We never stopped. After all, who’s going to remind you not to watch bad movies without good cocktails?