Cocktails and Movies Review: “Fast & Furious 6” – Pedal to the Medal!

“A Great Cocktail and Movies movie”

Cocktails and Movies fast & furious 6 movie posterFast & Furious 6 is like heart stopping, pulse pounding, No2-driven adrenaline shot straight to the senses! Literally, there were moments in the film when this reviewer, and everyone else in the theater, were holding their breaths and then exhale in nerve straightening laughter. It’s not to say that there aren’t a few “Oh. Come. On!” moments. There are. But, those moments serve to make you forget a few cheesy super machismo lines and up close testosterone, penis measuring moments, and laugh at the audacity of what you just saw. This is the perfect movie for a Cocktails and Movies crowd; highly entertaining, action-paced, funny and all around kick ass!

Fast & Furious 6 picks up soon after the last movie ends. With the successful Rio heist behind them, the team of professional criminals has retired around the world. Dominic (Vin Diesel) lives in the Canary Islands with Elena (Elsa Pataky) and his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) and Brian (Paul Walker), while Gisele (Gal Gadot) and Han (Sung Hang) have moved to Tokyo and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris) are living the life of the luxury jet set.

But the enjoyment of “retirement” is about to end. DSS agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson, looking like an action figure-sized person come to life) and his new partner, Riley (Gina Carano), are investigating the high-profile thefts of some high grade military equipment from heavily armed military convoys. The heists are being perpetrated by a crew of high precision drivers, looking to build a Nightshade device that can knock out an entire country’s communications for one hour. Hobbs and Riley come looking for the “best crew in the world” to help them track down and catch this new crew. Sweetening the pot is the possibility that Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) may still be alive and helping this crew. Of course, Dom HAS to find out if his old love is still alive, and Brian feels he has to as well. So they collect the team in London to track down Shaw (Luke Evans), the man leading the thieves.

The great thing about these movies is that they are pretty much what you’d expect. Although, in this movie were really surprised with a great story and delicate direction by Justin Lin to take something inherently fast-paced and rev it up to the redline without losing focus on what’s taking place onscreen, then gently easing back down to let you catch  your breath, laugh out loud and exhale. There’s a lot for everyone here: fast cars and gorgeous women for the boys and according to the seemingly out of place woman we met at the concessions stand, “a lot to look at for the ladies.” (We should have gotten her number, but that’s another story…)

Without giving too much of the plot away, and yes there is a great plot here, there are a lot of fantastic car chases, loud gun fights and some REALLY kick-ass fight scenes in the London Underground. There is also a reunion between Dom and Letty. The Shaw crew gets away, but Tej is able to track them and their next target – a NATO military base in Spain. It’s here that one of the crew is captured and Dobbs and Riley fly to the base to interrogate the crew member. But, O’Connor and Dom know something’s fishy. Sure, enough, the real target is the last piece of the device which is being transported along the coast. What follows is one of the greatest, most expensive, craziest and climatic chase scene ender stunts you’ll ever see. It even has a tank (no spoiler there, it’s in all the trailers).

Back at the base, Shaw tells them that they haven’t won as he reveals he has kidnapped Mia. At this point, there is a BIG TWIST as Shaw is allowed to leave and get picked up by a huge Anton-124 cargo plane. This time, all the crew race to stop the plane and rescue Mia.  On what feels like the longest runway created by man (timing it out this morning, approximately 10 miles long), the team uses grappling hooks to keep the plane from taking off while Dom, O’Connor and Letty board the plane (still hurtling down the runway) to find Mia. During the long scene down the longest runway, Gisele falls to her death, leaving Han distraught but vowing to return to Tokyo where he and Gisele had planned to live. Still on the runway, the team is able to save Mia and bring the plane down. Shaw is thrown from the plane and we’re not sure he’s dead.

Back at the base, Dom gives Dobbs the component piece for the Nightshade device. He can’t offer him any money for its return, but all Dom asks for is “1327.” Cut to:

The Boyle Heights house at 1327 (Street) where it all started. The entire crew sits around at a BBQ and Han talks about returning to Tokyo, while the rest of the crew discusses what it feels like to be back after being on the run for so long. And we fade out.

Until half way through the credits. STAY FOR THIS SCENE. It’s about a big of a bomb shell as the Thanos appearance in The Avengers. It’ll floor you and you’ll be giddy with anticipation for Fast & Furious 7. As we said, this is a perfect Cocktails and Movies events if there ever was one.

Cocktails and Movies Rating: 3 beers and a couple of whiskey shot chasers!