Cocktails and Movies Review: “The Internship” – Job Well Done!

Part 2 of Cocktails and Movies Double Feature Wednesday was surprisingly good

Cocktails and Movies Internship Poster

Swing! And a miss…

Thanks to Mother Nature’s gift of rain yesterday, we were able to take a field trip and get caught up on movies. Our second half of the day was spent with a couple of good buddies, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, who we last saw in “Wedding Crashers.” Now, they team up as a couple of watch salesman who have lost their jobs at an age when it’s next to impossible to find a new one: their 40’s, in the new movie “The Internship.” This was a pick on Tim’s Summer 2013 list of movies to see, and we are 1. glad we got to see it and 2. disappointed it hasn’t done as well as it should be doing. We posit some theories on why that is later.

Vaugh plays Billy McMahon to Wison’s Nick Campbell, two high end watch salesmen who lose their jobs when their boss decides to fold the company. One would expect a return to their old form for these two, and it’s true the movie opens with Vaughn’s crazy frenetic personality crowding out everyone and everything on the screen. Wilson just seems to be going along for the ride waiting until the page in the script when the shoe drops and they are out of jobs. In a night of looking for jobs on Google, Vaughn happens upon a plan to get back into the game: Google summer interns. (although, it’s still not clear HOW they expected this to turn their careers around and/or make money, but we forgot about that until just now and were thoroughly enjoying the film. Hmmmm…)

It’s here that we are introduced to the third major character in the film as they are accepted into the internship program at Google. Google itself plays a HUGE role in this film and is practically one big commercial for the company. As a man who has done product placement in the past (shout out to Hollywood Branded and Marked Entertainment!!!), it take a very skilled hand to place products in a film and making it feel organic. So Vaughn (credited co-writer), just inserts the film into Google. And it works.

Quickly, the two older interns are ostracized as out of place and out of touch. They are left with the rest of the “rejects” to form a team that must compete all summer long with other teams to battle for full-time jobs if they win. And this is where a lot of the need for Vaughn and Wilson to carry this film is lifted off their shoulders and the story is allowed to build and grow some heart. Yes, both are still up to their usual antics. But, they are tapped down just enough to allow the friendship and team building within their group to blossom and allow the other members in the group – Stuart (Dylan O’Brien), eternally engrossed in his mobile phone and not caring, Yo-Yo (Tobit Raphael) a home schooled by Tiger Mom, Neha (Tiya Sircar) a cyber nerd addicted to cyberkink – to develop as well. Just like “Revenge of the Nerds,” they have a team of nemeses and quickly the challenges, which highlight EVERYTHING about Google, are won and lost until they get near the end of summer.

It’s here that Billy has a crisis of confidence and, believing that he is just holding the team back, quits. But, true to form Wilson gives “The Speech” and saves the team in the nick of time with his great salesmanship and outside-the-box thinking, something that the kids today apparently have lost.

Now, there are many who will see this film as Vaughn and Wilson and a return to their Wedding Crashers formula. There is a little bit of that in the film. But that was eight years ago, and in that time both have grown up. You can see it in this film. There are great references and allusions to age vs. youth, experience vs. learning, and the sharing of knowledge that isn’t in a book. If you’re in your older 30’s or 40’s and you have lost your job and find yourself in that career rut of not ever having taken a chance, this film will resonate with you. It’s funny and very heartfelt. The problem is that Fox seems to only want to promote it as a Vaughn/Wilson film. It’s not. It’s got a great cast and message. Yes, the over-saturation of Google is a bit much, but it’s part of the story. If anything, we might just be applying for a summer internship at Google soon. Now, to work on our coding skills.

Cocktails and Movies Rating: Two good stiff cocktails. (not an award winner, but entertaining none-the-less)