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Flicks That Cocktails and Movies Suggests YOU Will See This Weekend

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Does this man have the #1 movie?

Week 2 of Summer Movie Season is here, and with it Cocktails and Movies are sharing two new releases to consider.

Are your jaws up off the floor after seeing Iron Man 3? No, seriously, you should have them up by now, or you’ll catch flies in there or something. Still, Tony Stark’s latest (and possibly last) adventure WAS the “Flick To Pick” last week. This week looks to be more competitive as he’ll be squaring off against another, more enigmatic millionaire; as well as the latest from the producing hand of Tyler Perry.

(Short version of what we’re doing here: every weekend, we’ll pick our top 3 flicks to pick and we’ll guess not only what ranking they will finish, but how much they’ll make over the 3-day weekend.)

New releases for the weekend of May 10th:

The Great Gatsby (rated PG-13) Distributor: Warner Brothers, Director: Baz Luhrmann, Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Carey Mulligan.

What more can you say about this movie that any English teacher already hasn’t? Nick Carraway (Maguire) meets Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio) and is ushered into the ritzy, privileged social scene of The Hamptons during The Roaring 20’s. It is there that his eyes are opened to all sorts of drama, intrigue, and romantic entanglement; all of which seem destined to come to crashing down in a most tragic end. Luhrmann’s visual flare and musical tastes are all on full display, and by just looking at the trailers, we can expect a good-looking (if not entirely sensible) ride.

Peeples (rated PG-13) Distributor: Lionsgate, Director: Tina Gordon Chism, Starring: Craig Robinson, David Alan Grier, and Kerry Washington.

Wade (Robinson) and Grace (Washington) are in love, and engaged to be married. What better time to break the news to your overprotective Dad (Alan Grier) than at your family reunion in the Hamptons (AGAIN – THE HAMPTONS!). Honestly, if you take one look at the trailer, you can see this is just a Tyler Perry-presented remake of Meet The Parents. That’s not meant to be an insult, that’s meant to be a truthful feeling that the trailers spell out for the audience. Robinson and Alan Grier are both hysterical though, so maybe there’ll be something to this film other than what’s been shown.

With this weekend’s competition sized and ready for evaluation, here’s last week’s Box Office Numbers (Spoiler Alert: Iron Man 3 won.):

Last week’s Top Ten at the Box Office:

1. Iron Man 3 – $174.1 million

2. Pain and Gain – $7.5 million

3. 42 – $6.1 million

4. Oblivion – $5.6 million

5. The Croods – $4.2 million

6. The Big Wedding – $3.9 million

7. Mud – $2.2 million

8. Oz The Great And Powerful – $4.1 million

9. Scary Movie V – $1.4 million

10. The Place Beyond The Pines – $1.3 million

Ok, so we here at the office have a confession to make…we thought the Iron Man 3 numbers were going to be bigger than they were. Maybe we gave The Avengers and 3D ticket prices a little too much credit when it came to the bounce that Iron Man 3 would enjoy. But still, we weren’t terribly far off… just the estimated budget of a Soderbergh indie. Still, the folks at Marvel/Paramount/Disney are going to have plenty of drinking money coming in from this beauty. With Gatsby, we expect it to fall to 2nd next weekend. After all, Darkness is coming… Meanwhile, in the here and now, this is what we think is going to happen:

1. Iron Man 3

Is this a safe bet? You betcha, as the records have shown Iron Man films to have at least two weekends in the #1 slot, with a slow, easy decline out of the top 10 over the course of 7-9 weeks. With the budget already surpassed with International and Domestic revenues, the only question is how much will this film make in its total run. (Our ballpark estimates were putting this baby at the high end of $575 million, but after this weekend’s lesson, let’s scale it back to a nice, safe $410 mil.)

Estimated Gross: $80 Million

2. The Great Gatsby

This film has something working for and against it automatically, and it may come down to the novelty of 3D to make the decision for people this weekend. On one hand, this film has an AMAZING cast and director. Oscar Nominees and Familiar Faces alike are parading about in this technicolor trip, and Luhrmann’s visuals look to be as sharp as ever. However, Luhrmann’s storytelling track record has been, at best, spotty. His films seem more for adolescents who haven’t left the 1990’s, and as rich as the source material is, his tendency to mash up past eras with present songs might override the story in this instance. Still, it looks like a hell of a time, and it’ll make a noise in the short term. Long term is another story; one that isn’t as rosy.

Estimated Gross: $54 Million

3. Peeples 

Don’t count out Tyler Perry’s people, people. There may be a group of moviegoers that don’t care too much for Baz Lurhmann and how have seen Iron Man 3 or are waiting another weekend. Why it surprises anyone that his movies do well on opening weekends is beyond us.

Estimate Gross: $23

So there you have it! Another weekend “Flicks to Pick” have been selected, and consequences be damned, that’s what we feel will take place. Anybody dare to agree/disagree with this weekend’s picks? Send us some competitive picks in the Comments section below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

We’ll see you again on Monday, when we’ll look at what sort of financial hangover Warner Brothers has after Gatsby’s West Egg shindig. Until then, may your rocks glass be as refreshed as your popcorn bucket, and may the seats be comfy and fitting.