Cocktails and Movies Weekend Recap: Wolverine Hacks His Way to The Top


You Can’t Be Wrong With Your Picks If You Don’t Make Them…

cocktails and movies weekend wrap upSorry, everyone! A 48-hour flu sideswiped the main office on Thursday and laid the boss up on the couch at home all weekend. Hopefully you saw our movie marathon postings on Twitter… Anyway, the silver lining in not making any weekend box office picks on Friday is that you can’t go wrong.

Although, we would have definitely picked The Wolverine as the box office winner. We saw it and will have Mike’s review of it up shortly. Some were expecting an $85m opening, but we thought that might have been really optimistic, and we would have been correct because the movie opened below what the previous Wolverine movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, made in its opening. But, still $55m is not bad. The problem is that the less than stellar fan opinions of Origins, and to a certain extent X-Men: The Last Stand, helped sink the franchise to lower and lower openings. The next couple of weekends will truly tell the tale of whether The Wolverine is back, or if this is just another misstep towards renewing the X-Men name.

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So, back to movies, and we’ll keep it short as we are also working on the our first gift to you, our dear readers and followers on Facebook and Twitter, The Conjuring continues to scare up big dollars to the tune of $22m for the weekend. James Wan’s latest horror flick endured a 47% drop, but is already considered a runaway success. This bodes well for his upcoming release, Insidious: Chapter 2, especially if it follows the business model of low budgets with higher yield lifetime grosses.It’s now made over $80m and has become very profitable for Warner Brothers. Talk is already being heard about a sequel. (How you make a sequel on a true story is beyond me, but hey, all studios see is “$” signs…). Despicable Me 2 holds onto the third spot this weekend with another $16m, bringing its total to over $300m (that’s domestic). With China banning its release, it will have to make its money elsewhere internationally.

Somehow, Grown Ups 2 made more money than two of the better movies that have opened in the same period: RED2 and Pacific RimGU2 has now made over $100m, guaranteeing a second sequel to this series. Maybe they’ll make it in 3D… Rounding out the top ten were The Heat, which now has made $142m on a budget of only $43m, RIPD, making only $6m to bring its total to $24m on a $130m budget, making this one of the summer’s biggest bombs. Luckily, Universal has Despicable Me 2… And in the tenth spot is the much talked about Fruitvale Station which opened in another 1000 theaters and made $4m. This movie has a lot of buzz, so look for the curious to raise this movie up a little higher in the next week or so before it disappears.

Here’s the weekend’s top 10: (with estimates by Mike Reyes, who dutifully DID work on Friday)

1. The Wolverine – $55 million / Est. $53 million

2. The Conjuring – $22 million / Est. $32 million

3. Despicable Me 2 – $16 million / Est. $24 million

4. Turbo – $13 million

5. Grown Ups 2 – $11.5 million

6. RED2 – $9.4 million

7. Pacific Rim – $7.5 million

8. The Heat – $6.8 million

9. RIPD – $5.8 million

10. Fruitvale Station – $4.6 million

A few more numbers for you to consider…

White House Down: $116.3 Million Worldwide Gross to Date, on a $150 Million Budget.

The Lone Ranger: $163.9 Million Worldwide Gross to Date, on a $215 Million Budget.

R.I.P.D.: $37.1 Million Worldwide Gross To Date, on a $130 Million Budget, in only two weeks of release.

Pacific Rim: $224 Milliom Worldwide Gross To Date, on a $190 Million Budget, with releases in Japan, China, and other International markets coming this week.

Cocktails and Movies pacific rim main posterCan we officially stop calling Pacific Rim a massive “fizzling” Box Office bomb now? And maybe start pre-emptively calling it an “underperforming” film. At least until it hits the $240 – $260 million mark, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem. At which point, we can start calling it a “Modest Success” and start plotting out those sequels. With that on the table, let’s turn our watchful gazes to the future, and keep a good eye on the weekly figures leading up to our next set of predictions. Have a great Monday, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook by August 1st. We’re about to announce a big contest over here, and in order to be elligible to receive goodies we can’t even talk about yet, you need to be a fan of ours by August 1st. So hustle up, tell all of your friends, and we’ll see you around for more of our trademark shenannigans here at Cocktails and Movies!

So that’s the weekend that was from Cocktails and Movies. Remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about our first contest to reward all of our followers and fans!