Cocktails and Movies Weekend Review: I Spent My Money On What?

Winding back the weekend:  What Happened The Weekend of 6/17

The glasses are cleaned and racked, the floors swept and the lobby cleaned. That means it’s Monday, and Cocktails and Movies is here to recap you what you and your better half spilt your popcorn over this weekend.

What a beautiful weekend we’ve just ended! There were plenty of thrills in and out of theCocktails and Movies Man Of Steel multiplexes this weekend, and there were some more surprises that even we couldn’t see. Still, it was a good 2/3 weekend for our Flicks to Pick from last week. Particularly in the case of the #1 film of the weekend,  which outperformed even our bullish box office predictions. Here are the top 10 films you saw across America this weekend:

Box Office Results 6/14 – 6/17 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo):

1. Man of Steel: Actual – $113.1 mil., Prediction –  $85 mil.

2. This Is The End: Actual – $20.5 mil., Prediction – $28 mil.

3. Now You See Me: $10.3 mil.

4. Fast and Furious 6: $9.4 mil.

5. The Purge: Actual – $8.2 mil., Prediction – $14.5 mil.

6. The Internship: $7 mil.

7. Epic: $6 mil.

8. Star Trek Into Darkness: $5.7 mil.

9. After Earth: $3.8 mil.

10. Iron Man 3: $2.9 mil.

Man of Steel set a June record with its opening weekend, and has already made a good chunk of its money back in the initial days of release. Including International grosses, Warner Brothers is about $28.3 million away from breaking even. We call it breaking even, they call it Tuesday. Not only was it a great film, but the Cocktails and Movies East gathering to see the flick was just as fun. We’d like to thank all of our loyal attendees for showing up, and look forward to announcing our July flick in the coming week or so. We’ll have a review for Man of Steel up later today.

This Is The End managed to pull into the number 2 spot this weekend, falling slightly shy of our estimated opening weekend. Opening on Wednesday before Man of Steel was an extremely smart move for this star powered comedy, as it gave fans a chance to have their cake and eat it too. We’re expecting modest success out of this one over the next couple weeks, especially after Tim gave it a particularly glowing review. Speaking of surprises, Now You See Me not only beat Fast and Furious 6, but also The Purge (our predicted 3rd place contender) for the Third weekend spot. What looked to be filler for a weekend’s box office has turned out to be a surprise sleeper hit. Surprising to anyone but us, as we called it back in our Flicks to Pick for Memorial Day weekend. We may not always be right about our numbers, but we have a slightly better track record with knowing what the people want. Expect an obligatory sequel announcement by the end of the Summer. (We’re kidding, though don’t put it past Hollywood.)

Onto the rest of the list, where Fast and Furious 6 CONTINUES to keep itself in the top 5 and rake in the cash for Universal’s backlot piggy bank. Placed right below it is fellow Universal release The Purge, which dropped much faster than we had anticipated. Either way, the Globe should be fine for the predictable bomb that is R.I.P.D., particularly with Riddick poised for another modest win this Fall. (At the very least, the trailer makes it look like a badass return of a supposedly underrated character.) The Internship fell even further to the sixth slot with every other film below it falling in lock step to the next available position. Except for The Hangover Part III, which fell to the 11th spot above The Great Gastby‘s 10th. Iron Man 3 brings up the rear, taking its last weekend in the top 10 to an almost $400 million total gross.

The Man of Steel has arrived, and everything’s going to change… at least, until the next big blockbuster opens. As sure as that blockbuster will come, we’ll be running with the latest and the greatest (even some of the not so great) to come out of Hollywood this year. Cocktails and Movies is here to cover the highs and the lows of Tinseltown’s stock in trade, and we’ll be there to toast when it’s great and drown our sorrows when it’s awful. (Talk to our interns about what happens when things go bad. We went through a case of Gin after The Hangover Part III.) Order up, kids! Next round’s on us.