Cocktails and Movies Weekend Review: The Buddy Comedy is Back


Cocktails and Movies laughed our asses off and so, apparently, did you!

the heat cocktails and movies

Chicks rule!

Oh, hello there, July! The first half of 2013 has come to a close and for the last weekend in June, comedies took five of the top ten spots this weekend at your local multi-plex, and three of the top four spots. Throw in a zombie flick and an iconic American super hero and you’ve got the top five movies.

Cocktail and Movies West took in The Heat Sunday night and laughed our butts off enough to suggest to ourselves, “We totally need to see this again!” With this weekend over and in the books, here are the top ten films you saw in your local multiplex across America this weekend:

Box Office Results 6/28 – 6/30 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo):

1. Monsters University: Actual – $46.2m, Predictions – Tim:  $38m / Mike: $47m

2. The Heat: Actual – $40m, Predictions – Tim: $25m / Mike: $38m

3. World War Z:  Actual – $29.8, Prediction – Tim: N/A / Mike: $35m

4. White House Down: Actual – $25.7m, Prediction – Tim: $35m

5. Man of Steel: Actual – $20.8

6. This Is The End: $8.7

7. Now You See Me: $5.5m

8. Fast and Furious 6: $2.4m

9. Star Trek Into Darkness: $2m

10. The Internship: $1.4m

It appears that Overlord Tim is not as omniscient as he thought he was and is NOT as good at this as his ego would suggest. Or, it may be that he was all primed up for a website redesign and just threw darts at a board on Friday morning… So, here’s some reflection on what happened this weekend:

Monsters University continued to dominate the box office this weekend, pulling in with a hefty $46 million haul with only a 40% drop in box office. That WILL change this week with the arrival of Despicable Me 2. Still, it has accumulated over $171 million in only two weeks of release and should do some great last minute business before the arrival of DM2 this Wednesday.

Taking the #2 spot was The Heat, surprising almost everyone, including Tim. (But, after seeing it, the group suggested seeing it again. It WAS THAT FUNNY!). We’re here to say the Buddy Comedy is back! This movies is directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids), who seems to have just the right hand to direct Melissa McCarthy who is in exceptional form here. She is equal parts force of nature and fragile woman and plays the cut up to Sandra Bullock’s straight woman with perfection. Look for knock offs (maybe a sequel) to this movie on movie execs desks this morning…

Despite being down over 50% from last weekend, World War Z came in third place, keeping Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx from cracking the top three with White House Down, which was a huge surprise to both Mike and Tim this weekend. This does not bode well for Mr. Tatum, who was expected to be a huge break out action star. Does this indicate that he can’t carry a picture or that he just has bad direction for big movies, as he seems to do well under the guiding hand of directors like Soderbergh. Time will tell. As for the last six movies, it appears that everyone is doing their due diligence and catching up on movies that they haven’t seen before the second half of summer hits. Look for a big shake up in the top ten next weekend with the arrival of Despicable Me 2 and a little movie you may have seen being promoted called The Lone Ranger.

That wraps up the weekend recap here at Cocktails and Movies. It’s short and sweet since this is a holiday week, with July 4th stuck right in the middle. So, watch for a weird posting schedule and odd social media items. Thanks to all of you who have liked us on Facebook and Twitter and have shared us with your friends. We’ll be thanking you for  your efforts soon…