Cocktails and Movies Weekend Review: “Wait. What Happened?”

by tim barley and mike reyes

Don’t remember what movie you saw this weekend? Cocktails and Movies can tell you…

NO2!!!!! This weekend was one for the books, kids! You evidently saw our Cocktails and Movies Cocktails and Movies fast & furious 6 movie posterreviews and helped Fast and Furious 6 to the best Memorial Day weekend opening EVER! It looks like we underestimated the horse power that this reinvigorated series has, and we underestimated just how much clout the “Three Man Wolf Pack” had lost between one crappy sequel to the next. Before we examine the walloping at this weekend’s box office barrage, let’s take a look at who landed where.


1. Fast and Furious 6: Actual – $120 mil., Prediction: $90 mil.

2. The Hangover Part III: Actual: $51.2 mil. , Prediction: $65 mil.

3. Star Trek Into Darkness: Actual – $47 mil, Prediction: $23 mil.

4. Epic: $42.6 mil

5. Iron Man 3: $24.4 mil.

6. The Great Gatsby: $17 mil.

7. Mud: $1.9 mil

8. 42: $2.4 mil

9. The Croods: $1.6 mil

10. Oblivion: $1.1 million

Funny story: we were originally thinking of predicting Fast and Furious 6 would have a three day total of $95 million for the weekend. Caution got the best of us and made us downgrade to $90 million, simply because we didn’t think there could be a larger increase between the installments than the one between Fast and Furious and Fast Five. Well, we’re breaking out the draught of wrongness in the office today, as we take a nice, long sip and revel in the fact that “Team NO2” was the ultimate winner of the weekend. Not just for this weekend, but for the Memorial Day weekend in general. This is big news, considering that the Fast and Furious franchise is one of the remaining “old school” franchises left, meaning it hasn’t made the jump to 3D and has had minimal IMAX exposure with a bigger large format roll-out for Fast Five than for the current installment.

It wasn’t all good news though, and for every winner, someone has to get their collective asses beaten. For those of you who were here with us on Friday, the winner of the first annual “Cocktails and Movies Memorial Day Arm Wrestling Match” was none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Remember what Jeff Goldblum did to the guy in the arm wrestling scene in The Fly? (Don’t pretend you don’t.) Well, Johnson did that to Zach Galifinakis, as the Three Man Wolf Pack faltered big time with a paltry $41.8 million total for three days of Memorial Day Box Office, and $51 million overall. Early on, the tea leaves were reading a big upset for Team Wolfpack, as Johnson, Walker and Diesel made more money in 10 PM and 12 AM showings on Thursday than The Hangover Part III did in a whole day of release! Considering that this same weekend two years ago yielded a hefty $103.4 million opening for The Hangover Part II, you don’t need The Campaign’s Marty Huggins to tell you that the franchise is a mess.

The reason for such a crashing failure? Our guess is that the joke’s just run out of steam. The Hangover Part II was just a big refresh with the same template, but Mad Libbed into Bangkok. Todd Philips and company rode the sequel bounce and squandered it into getting a third and final installment to probably the most useless series since Twilight. You know where it’s going to end, you’re forced to watch the same thing over and over again, and in the end you need to be a REAL die hard fan (or really easy to please) in order to enjoy it. Thank gods we never got that Old School sequel they were pitching.

cocktails and movies Mud-Movie-Poster

cocktails and movies Mud-Movie-Poster

Another round of Wrongness on Tap goes to our Star Trek Into Darkness prediction, as we were going to predict a $38 million third place finish, but went with a more conservative $23 million. Lo and behold, Trek still had some legs on it, even beating Hangover III on Sunday and Monday for 2nd place. Even more impressive is Mud, which has weathered the storm and managed to rise a place in standing to 7th place, despite its dimished take. 42 is inching towards the $100 million mark with its 8th place showing bringing it to about $91.1 million. In the current state of the market, it’s nice to see the Little Guys managing to make a big splash. Even Pain and Gain, despite its drop off of the top 10 list, has managed to domestically make almost double its money back.

With Memorial Day weekend behind us, the Summer Movie Season has now Double Officially (TM) started! This weekend seems to be an easy out with Now You See Me (Cocktails and Movies West next event THIS WEEKEND) and After Earth being the only major releases in theatres. One looks to be a thrilling and fun adventure, and the other is After Earth. Whatever the result, stay with us here at Cocktails and Movies, as we’ll be keeping the party going and delivering box office news with a chaser of commentary and punditry.

Here’s to a healthy pour this week!