Cocktails and Movies Weekend Review: What You Saw With Your Popcorn


Cocktails and Movies Has The Stats To Back What You Saw This Weekend As 3D Glasses Met Bar Glasses!

Monsters University cocktails and MoviesMonsters and Zombies and Aliens (not British resident aliens, Kryptonian), Oh Wow! A lot of glasses were recycled this weekend, as the top three films of this week had 3D conversions available for public consumption. While post filmed 3D movie conversions are still an iffy business (as evidenced by World War Z‘s lackluster conversion), some are still worthwhile. (Man of Steel didn’t look half bad behind the shades, nor did Monsters University.) With this weekend over and in the books, here are the top 10 films you saw in your local multiplex across America this weekend:

Box Office Results 6/21 – 6/23 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo):

1. Monsters University: Actual – $82 mil., Predictions – Tim:  $82 mil. / Mike: $38 mil.

2. World War Z:  Actual – $66 mil., Prediction – Tim: $55 mil. / Mike: $29 mil.

3. Man of Steel: Actual – $41.2 mil., Prediction – Tim: $47 mil. / Mike: $55 mil.

4. This Is The End: $13 mil.

5. Now You See Me: $7.9 mil.

6. Fast and Furious 6: $4.7 mil.

7. The Internship: $3.43 mil.

8. The Purge: $3.41 mil.

9. Star Trek Into Darkness: $3 mil.

10. Iron Man 3: $2.2 mil.

It appears that Overlord (nee President) Tim is getting pretty good at this and while he does not have kids, he CAN predict (pretty accurately) the box office take for kids movies. It may be a reflection of his juvenile behavior, or it might be that he’s just getting good at understanding the movie going public finally. So, here’s some reflection on what happened this weekend:

Monsters University dominated the box office this weekend, pulling in with a hefty $82 million haul. With 3D screenings and a bigger sense of nostalgia for the series than the first film’s re-release ever suggested, this is a big win for Pixar for two reasons: First, it’s further proof that Pixar films are more timeless than most franchises, thus allowing them more time to make commercially viable sequels. Second, this is extremely good news for Finding Dory (the sequel to Finding Nemo for those of you who don’t know), which is set for a November 25, 2015 debut… almost 12.5 years since the original film’s release.

Provided The Heat and White House Down do their jobs this weekend and open big, it seems reasonable to expect Monsters University to fall to at least third place next weekend.

World War Z came in second place, proving that NO ONE pays any attention to horrible press getting in the way of a big opening. While it was the loser in the New Kid In Town Showdown, the Brad Pitt zombie film managed to rake in a more sizable chunk of change than it might have in its original release slot of last December. With reports of a troubled production, a scrapped and re-written final act, and even tension between Pitt and director Marc Forster, it’s even more of a triumph for this film to find the number two position in its opening weekend. What’s more, Paramount is shaping up to have quite a sizable summer, what with Iron Man 3 (hanging in with a 10th Place finish) and Star Trek Into Darkness (holding Iron Man’s strings with a 9th Place slot) opening the season with big finishes, as well as Pain and Gain paying off its meager investment before this season had even begun. With what looks like their last major release of the Summer in the can, Paramount has probably earned itself a nice rest until the Fall movie season kicks in.

Running down the rest of the weekend, Man of Steel took quite the tumble to third place this weekend. For those of you expecting it to outgross Iron Man 3, don’t hold your collective breaths. This is an initial entry in the Superman franchise’s third go, and with the highest June opening on record, it’s not as if the film is a failure per se. It’s just a symptom of Marvel being that much more ahead of the game than D.C. The only big questions left now are whether Justice League will be the next in the pipeline, and whether Snyder will be taking the director’s chair for his performance bonus. This Is The End and Now You See Me came in fourth and fifth, respectively, showing that Summer Comedy isn’t a dying art. (Despite The Internship’s not-so-hot performance on further display with its seventh place showing this weekend.) Fox has a chance to redeem themselves with this weekend’s release of The Heat which, coincidentally enough is our next West Coast meet-up on Sunday, June 30th. So if it makes the top 3, we’ll try not to take all of the credit. No promises though. For more details on our West Coast screening of the The Heat, check our events page on our Facebook page.

And finally, Universal’s proud children Fast and Furious 6 and The Purge are sitting pretty with sixth and eighth place finishes from this past weekend. With both films being a choice example of film marketing on both sides of the budget spectrum, The Globe could put on a master class on how to release a major and micro blockbuster.

On that note, we’ve wrapped up the weekend recap here at Cocktails and Movies. We’re proud to report that we  slept safely with the lights off this weekend, despite our bunker being understocked in case of a real, mythological apocalypse. Stick with us this week, as we’re celebrating 200+ Likes on our Facebook page, and preparing to push ourselves into the next step of Cocktails and Movie’s evolutionary process. Not even Professor X can see what’s coming down the pike, so you’re all going to have to stick around