Cocktails and Movies Weekend Wrap Session – 2/18/14


The LEGO Movie builds on its first weekend, while three remakes place in the top five

cocktails and movies flicks to pick The Lego MovieHello again, Mixers! We hope your President’s Day and your February 14th were filled with fun and libations! However, it’s Tuesday now, and the harsh light of productivity has reared its head once more. Fear not, as we’ve returned to entertain you during your virtual “coffee breaks.” Speaking of coffee, let’s see what made it through the filter at this weekend’s box office:

Weekend Box Office Estimates 2/14 – 2/17 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

1. The LEGO Movie: $63.5 mil. ($35 mil – 1st place)
2. About Last Night (2014): $28.5 mil. ($32 mil – 2nd place)
3. Robocop (2o14):  $25.6 mil. ($25 mil – 3rd place)
4. The Monuments Men: $18 mil. ($22 mil – 5th place)
5. Endless Love (2014): $15.1 mil. ($18 mil – 4th place)
6. Ride Along: $10 mil.
7. Winter’s Tale: $8.10 mil.
8. Frozen: $8.07 mil.
9. Lone Survivor: $4.7 mil.
10. That Awkward Moment: $3.9 mil.

It looks like Tim is getting better at prognostication, but this was just one weekend. There’s a LOT more this year to foul up… But who would have thought that The LEGO Movie would be doing this much business? The film seems to be getting generally good reviews. If anything, Tim overestimated the rest of the movies in the top five, but did manage to get the top three right and the top five IN the top five…

True Story: Overlord Tim wanted to see The LEGO Movie this weekend, and he couldn’t due to the film SELLING OUT in his theater. Seriously, you’d think everyone and their mother went to take their kids to see the flick last weekend. As it turns out, this was probably the weekend that everyone who missed the film last weekend managed to get their brick of the wall. Quickly running down the rest of the weekend, we see that apparently Kevin Hart hasn’t worn out his welcome yet as About Last Night managed to pull in a lot of money for a low budget R-rated film. (Expect About Tonight to be announced any minute now.) Meanwhile, Robocop and The Monuments Men continued a nice trifecta for Sony with Third and Fourth Places respectively. Rounding out the top Five was the remake of Endless Love, which will probably plummet in the coming weeks. Such is the fickle finger of amour.

The only other noteworthy news this weekend is that Frozen and Winter’s Tale made almost the same amount of money this weekend. The only problem with that is one film is the third highest grossing Animated film (with a November 2013 release date) and one was supposed to be a Valentine’s Day treat, if only it didn’t sour the critics in front of it. It was an interesting weekend, but that just means there’s only going to be more competition this weekend. So stick around, as we’re refilling our glasses for the movie road ahead. Remember: never watch bad movies without good cocktails!