Cocktails and Movies’ Wrap Session – Feb. 21st – 23rd


The LEGO Movie builds into a bona fide hit, while Monday shocks us with bad news

Egon-Spengler with twinkieSorry we’re late today, everyone. As you are no doubt aware already, very sad news has hit Hollywood today. The man who gave us some of the funniest movies, either as a writer, director, producer or actor such as Meatballs, Stripes, Animal House, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, Vacation and more, Harold Ramis, died today at the age of 69. Most remember him as Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters and his scientific description of the supernatural energy in NYC vis-a-vis a Twinkie. He was a brilliant writer/director and actor and we all dare you to say you haven’t seen a movie that Harold Ramis was attached to. So, pour out a bit of your cocktail, people. Harold Ramis, you will be missed…

As for the weekend wrap, we’ve got some good news and bad news for you, Mixers.

Bad news first: it’s Monday, and our glasses are empty. Good news though: that means it’s time for a new week, new features, and new concoctions to fill our glasses. If there weren’t a Monday, there wouldn’t be a Weekend Wrap Session to report to you all, and what type of world would we live in if we didn’t have that day after the weekend to talk about our exploits? (Not to mention those orders you placed mid week last week on Amazon wouldn’t arrive any faster with permanent weekends.) So talk we will and talk we must, as this weekend has brought us just one more closer to Oscar Sunday! So without any further delay, let’s take a look at this weekend’s Box Office results:

Weekend Box Office Estimates 2/21 – 2/23 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

1. The LEGO Movie: 31.5 mil. / C&M Estimate – Placing: $34 mil. – 1st Place
2. 3 Days To Kill: Actual: $12.3 mil. / C&M Estimate – Placing: $25 mil. – 2nd Place
3. Pompeii in 3D: Actual: $10 mil. / C&M Estimate – Placing: $18 mil. – 4th Place
4.  Robocop (2o14):  Actual: $9.4 mil. / C&M Estimate – Placing: $21 mil. – 3rd Place
5. The Monuments Men: $8.1 mil. / C&M Estimate – Placing: $11 mil. – 5th Place
6. About Last Night (2014): $7.4 mil.
7. Ride Along: $4.7 mil.
8. Frozen: $4.4 mil.
9. Endless Love (2014): $4.3 mil. 
10. Winter’s Tale: $2.1 mil.

Manhattan Mike did a solid job of sorting the movies last week, but was a bit off on how much the box office would take in. So, The LEGO Movie has once more trampled competition in the market, although it looks like it has about one or two more weekends left in its reign at the top. Never fear LEGO fans, the sequel has already been scheduled for May 26th, 2017, so it’s not like you’re not going to get enough of your favorite movie based on a toy system just yet. Fun Fact: Summer 2017 probably would have been a good time to release that sequel to Space Jam that everyone briefly thought was going to happen. Thankfully that nightmare was over as quickly as it came, but it only makes us wonder: was this some sort of ploy on Warner Brothers’ part to drum up interest that would justify such plans?

Moving down the charts, we have a February studio MVP in Sony with their nice showing this weekend thanks to the widely panned pick  Pompeii in 3D raking in decent cash in the 3rd spot. In addition, the mildly received (but internationally sound) Robocop took up the 4th spot with The Monuments Men shoring up the rest of the top 5 for Sony, and About Last Night taking 6th place. With all said and done, the electronics/entertainment juggernaut locked down four consecutive spots for their entire weekend, though budgetary maths on each picture might tell a different picture under the surface. Regardless, the charts make it look like Sony has done their job in the Marketing Department, while the reviews say that their mileage may vary in the Writer’s Room.

Rounding out the rest of the weekend is the Titanic twosome of Ride Along and Frozen, as both have made such a noise that future franchise plans have been springing forth like the flowers of a new Spring. Closing things out, though, are the disappointing Endless Love and Winter’s Tale, which both look like the audience never called them back after their Valentine’s Day fling. (At least About Last Night got flowers, and a thank you for “a nice time.”)

We are at T-Minus Six days until the Oscars, Mixers! New Op-Ed columns, our Oscar picks, and other fun surprises will be heading your way this week, as we count down to a night that should be exciting, infuriating, and possibly mildly entertaining. (Sorry guys, the show still looks like it’s going to be bland.) Still, with full flasks and open hearts, we’ll be ready to brave the onslaught…and we’ll do it just because we love our readers. After all, you shouldn’t brave bad awards shows without good cocktails!