Cocktails and Movies 12 Days of Christmas Cocktails #7: Seven Swans-a-Swimming

by Tim Barley

On the 7th day of Christmas, we’re dreaming of 7 swans a swimming in a blue lake…

cocktails and movies 12 days of christmas cocktails - seven swans a swimmingWe’re on the downswing now! We’re already at cocktail #7! And while senior writer Mike likes to pull from his bartending bible, Tim prefers ease of use and quick hits; simple drinks for a simple, non complex man. So, after having had the previous cocktails in our “12 Days of Christmas Cocktails,” which were Six White Russian Egg Creams, Five Irish Golds, Four BlackBirds, Three French Martinis, Two Turtle Dove Cocktails and a Cranberry-Pear Bellini, we move into my favorite libation: vodka!

This one’s easy and looks very good, if I don’t say so myself! It’s strong and might be that special cocktail needed to watch the Christmas movies that your kids want to watch, but you have sworn never to watch again. It comes from a blog called “The Darling Apartment: Notes from the girl on the 3rd Floor.” (We’ve stolen it without permission, so please do not sue us Clare Kolat.) Enjoy, my friends, as we approach the second to last weekend of the year 2013. I give you the (actually named) Seven Swans-a-Swimming Cocktail:

Seven Swans a Swimming Cocktail


  • 2 oz Grey Goose vodka
  • 1 oz blue Curaçao
  • 8 oz ginger beer, chilled


  • Pour the vodka, Curaçao, and ginger beer over ice in a glass.
  • Mix. 

See how easy that was? The thing I like about this drink is that it’s ALL ALCOHOL! That is what makes a great cocktail. None of that filler that the bartender can use to water down your drink. This looks like a warmer climate Christmas cocktail and honestly, where else are you going to find seven swans a swimming in winter anyway?

Enjoy this cocktail and remember: never watch bad movies unless you have a great cocktail. And don’t drink and drive.