Cocktails and Movies Flicks to Pick


This week on Flicks To Pick: Vin Diesel owns the weekend. No, seriously, Riddick is the only wide release this weekend…

Cocktails and Movies Riddick posterThe Cocktails and Movies #FlicksToPick segment is back with a rather light weekend of releases. Come to think of it, only one big studio film is releasing in wide theater distribution today, so we’re kinda short on new contenders. However, we are not short on analysis and self inflated opinions, and therefore the show must go on!

(Which, to be honest, even if nothing new was happening this weekend, we’d still be here anyway. We like the sounds of our Internet voices.) (And we love movies, don’t we Mike?) (Yes, that’s right, Tim. We do. We love them with a cocktail in our hand.) (You mean a soda with a little “something,” right?) (Yes, that’s what I meant.) (Good, because, we ARE called “Cocktails and Movies…”) (That’s why you’re the boss, Tim.) (Yes.)

So, where were we…? Ah yes, the new movie(s) coming out this weekend.

New release for the weekend of September 6th:

Cocktails and Movies Riddick posterRiddick (rated R)

Distributor: Universal

Director: David Twohy

Starring: Vin Diesel, Katee Sackoff, Bokeem Woodbine, Dave Bautista, and Karl Urban

Marooned on a desert planet, Riddick (Diesel) has to not only deal with a team of bounty hunters AND a certain someone from the last Riddick installment, he also has to deal with nocturnal beasts that threaten to kill him AND also his would be captors/murderers.

Additional President’s Pick:

Hell-Baby-Poster cocktails and moviesHell Baby (rated R)  

Distributor: Millenium Entertainment


Starring: Rob Corddry, Leslie Bibb, Keegan Michael Key)

The moment Jack (Corddry) and pregnant wife Vanessa Bibb) move into their ramshackle new home in the Lower Lower Garden Ward in NOLA, something isn’t right. An overly friendly guy living in the crawl space (Keegan Michael Key) informs them the house is “murder house.” Soon Vanessa starts exhibiting odd behaviors and even after her new therapist is found crucified in his office, no one suspects that the thing growing in Vanessa’s belly may have something to do with it. When a pair of inept detectives (Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer) fails to solve the mystery, it falls to two seasoned exorcists dispatched by the Vatican (Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon). But even these hardnosed priest-enforcers aren’t prepared for the mayhem that lies in store as Vanessa’s due date arrives. Tim has seen this and it’s really funny.

 – C&M –

Box Office Actuals 8/30 – 9/2 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo):

1. Lee Daniels’ The Butler: $20.2 mil.

2. One Direction: This Is Us: $18.5 mil.

3. We’re The Millers: $16.3 mil.

4. Planes: $10.9 mil.

5. Instructions Not Included: $10.4 mil.

6. Elysium: $8.4 mil.

7. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones: $7.1 mil.

8. The World’s End: $6.5 mil.

9. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters: $6.2 mil.

10. Getaway: $5.6 mil.

As Lee Daniels’ The Butler continues to buttle, and teenagers remembered where the multiplex was in time to get their hormone fix. Fortunately, we don’t have a long way to go until we see something decent looking on the schedule. (The Family comes out next weekend, followed by Prisoners the next weekend and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 following the next after that.) Bringing it back to the present, here are this weekend’s #FlicksToPick!

Mike’s Pick: Riddick/The World’s End/You’re Next

No, I’m not going to stop stumping for the two best films of August. Nor should I have to, frankly. Hardly any of you have seen them, so you obviously need some encouragement. Go see The World’s End and You’re Next. If you already have, why not try Riddick, which looks to be an awesome SciFi romp for a weekend with no competition. Also, Vin Diesel, Katee Sackoff, and Karl Urban are genre stalwarts that just don’t quit, so they deserve a nice, big reward for their hard work in the “Geeky Asskicker” community.

Tim’s PickRiddick/Hell Baby/Blue Jasmine

My picks are a mix of what I would like to see and what I saw last night with some late afternoon guests in the Cocktails and Movies offices. Hell Baby was pretty funny and includes some great casting in Corddry and Key. It IS immature and does run in that vein, but if you enjoy cocktails and movies (like we do), it’s a fun time. Riddick will probably get my $12 because I can’t not go, can I? And Blue Jasmine has been given a bit of a marketing bump and it keeps growing on me…

How the Top Five should happen:

Cocktails and Movies Riddick poster1. Riddick

Theatres are dark. Riddick works in the dark. Success confirmed.

Estimated Weekend: $26 million


the butler cocktails and movies2. Lee Daniels’ The Butler

This train’s gonna keep rollin’.

Estimated Weekend: $18 million


were-the-millers-poster cocktails and movies3. We’re The Millers 

Seriously, why haven’t they announced that sequel yet? Why is Hollywood trying to deny its true self?

Estimated Weekend: $15 million


instructions not included cocktails and movies4. Instructions Not Included

Lack of fresh blood, and a surprising success, should lead to a small bump for this Spanish import.

Estimated Weekend: $11 million

planes cocktails and movies5. Planes

 It’s either this or One Direction, and One Direction probably got all of its fandom out last weekend.

Estimated Weekend: $9  million

And with that, your weekend’s “Flicks to Pick” have been selected! Consequences be damned, that’s what we feel will take place. Anybody agree/disagree with this weekend’s picks? Send us some competition in the Comments section below, or onFacebook or Twitter.

We’ll see you again this Monday, when we’ll think it’s a good idea to get in Vin Diesel’s way, but instead back down and try to get Katee Sackoff’s number instead! Until next time, may you treat your liquor like you treat your movies: know what you’re spending your money on, and do so responsibly.