Cocktails and Movies Holiday Cocktails #18: Whiskey Rum Eggnog

by Tim Barley

The Whiskey Rum Eggnog, or how I got an “A” in short film class…

cocktails and movies EggnogA long time ago, in a state far away, I finally settled on a major after passing through business, psychology, and education. The recurring theme in those majors was math. Once a pretty solid math student, my brain made a major shift toward circular and creative thinking somewhere in my teens and math became my Achille’s Heel. So, in my sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin, I found my love of film. In my junior  year, I started the first of my three hands-on film classes. It was the days before the end of the first Fall semester. The day we were to share our projects with our class, I brought two gallons of spiked eggnog to share with the professor and the class. Needless to say that I got an “A” and around this time, what would someday become “Cocktails and Movies” was born.

So, today, I take you back to that day when the 16mm projector flickered in the alls of Vilas Communications Hall at UW as we sipped on eggnog and watch Tim’s first student film. (More of a music video really. At times out of focus and really dark for a holiday film, and it’s still on 16 MM and VHS, so who know’s if it’s even good anymore). Today’s cocktail and the last one before our 12 days of Christmas Cocktails is: Tim’s Whiskey Rum Eggnog!

The Drink:

Whiskey Rum Eggnog


  • One gallon Store bought eggnog (lite if you must)
  • 2 cups Southern Comfort
  • 2 cups Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum


cocktails and movies soco and captain morgansPour four cups of the eggnog into a container for the teetotalers out there who don’t drink and set them down to watch Disney movies while the grown ups watch big people’s movies. Take the remaining eggnog and add the 2 cups of SoCo and 2 Cups of Captain Morgan’s to the gallon container, and shake LIGHTLY to mix.

Garnish with whatever you want and enjoy. You can even warm this up a bit if you’re a parent and your kids want to go sledding. Outside. In the cold.

Anyway, that’s the last cocktail before we start our “12 Days of Christmas Cocktails” tomorrow. Enjoy and please share this with others via Facebook and Twitter. All we want for Christmas is to spread the message of Cocktails and Movies with as many as we can.

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