Cocktails & Movies Review: “Mama” – Mama, I’m Going Home

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I have to admit, for a few minutes last night I left my nightstand light on to dispel the shadows, which should be a testament to the movies imagery that hung with me all day. When I first left the theater yesterday, I wasn’t too blown away by the movie. Although it did have some moments that made you jump and some images that made your skin crawl, I kept asking myself, “Who are these characters? Why are they together? And what is happening?”

At its core, “Mama” is about a crazy ghost helicopter mother. Literally. It opens in 2008 when a Wall Street father murders his wife, then takes his two girls, ages one and three, up to the mountains of Virginia to a mysterious cabin where he is going to kill them and himself. Except, it seems, that a 150-year old ghost of a mad woman who killed herself and her baby a long time ago conveniently haunts the cabin. The ghost kills the father before he can kill them and they are protected and cared for by this new mother figure for five years until they are found.

The girls, having been reduced to feral little beings are brought to the home of the brother of the father and his girlfriend. That the uncle is an ‘artist’ and the girlfriend is in a band makes little difference other than the fact that they seem unfit for the perils of taking care of two little girls, let alone feral children that sleep under their beds, eat blankets and un-edible things and – Oh Yeah, play with their uber-jealous, creepy, step-mom/caretaker ghost that somehow finds a way to travel from the cabin to the house where the kids now live. Slowly, but surely the older of the two girls begins to accept the new family dynamic, but the little girl still loves to play with evil ghost mom.

Like I said, there are some moments that made me flinch, and made a few in the audience jump and squeal, but for the most part it’s the music and things moving slightly off-screen that made the audience go “ooooooh.” The acting isn’t that impressive, except maybe the two little girls who really don’t have much to say, which is hard to do sometimes. I didn’t buy Jessica Chastain as the rocker girlfriend chick who has to try to become a mom. “Mama” isn’t a bad movie; it’s just not… good.

Cocktails & Movies Rating: 2 shots – with two shots, you could possibly be a little more creeped out