The Cocktails and Movies Trailer Tap – 3/18/14

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It’s Trailer Tap Tuesday, Mixers! Another week’s worth of fresh enticement awaits you behind the jump. We’ve got a Comedy with some familiar faces from across The Pond, another yet another adaptation looking to cash in where The Hunger Games hasn’t, and a movie that defies description… and not in a particularly good way.

Cocktails and Movies Trailer Tap bad johnsonBad Johnson 

Studio: Gravitas Ventures

Release Date: 04/01/14 (VOD)

Concept: Rich Johnson can’t keep it in his pants. And now, after several failed relationships and a really stupid wish, “it” isn’t in his pants anymore… it’s a living breathing person.

Presenation/Spoilers: It’s pretty much the entire set up of the film. The only thing that’s missing is when they have a heartfelt discussion about what it’s like when your d*ck becomes a real d*ck. Though we have to give a shout out to /Film’s David Chen for tweeting the following message, drawing our attention to this film in the first place: “What is this. WHAT AM I EVEN LOOKING AT?!”

Anticipation Factor: Low to Moderate. Some of the punchlines were actually funny, but it looks like they couldn’t deside between a Dark Comedy exploring the perils of rampant sexuality or a Romantic Comedy where the lead’s d*ck is “The Baxter”.

– C&M –

Cocktails and Movies Trailer Tap Cuban FuryCuban Fury 

Studio: Entertainment One

Release Date: 04/11/14

Concept: In order to court the woman he’s in love with, an insecure man must return to the art form he turned his back on a long time ago… Salsa Dancing.

Presenation/Spoilers: A fine Comedy trailer that doesn’t push too many story beats, and actually manages to make us sad this film isn’t getting more press.

Anticipation Factor: Very High. Nick Frost is always a delight, but with Chris O’Dowd and Ian McShane to play off of (and with Salsa Dancing as the plot mover) we’re looking forward to this flick!

– C&M –

Cocktails and Movies Trailer Tap hateship loveshipHateship Loveship

Studio: IFC Films

Release Date: 04/11/14

Concept: A caretaker for a moody teenager starts falling for her father. At least, she thinks she is, as the moody teenager is corresponding with her, pretending to be her father.

Presenation/Spoilers:  While the trailer does give away all the bits you’d expect, it looks like the story isn’t so much the draw to this film, but the performances are.

Anticipation Factor: High. Guy Pearce and Nick Nolte, teaming up with Haliee Steinfeld and Kristen Wiig looks like a great combination in the offing. Maybe we’ll even see the two names without Oscar nominations attached to them earn something this Fall.

– C&M –

get on upGet On Up 

Studio: Universal

Release Date: 08/01/14

Concept: A biopic about The Godfather of Soul himself, Mr. James Brown.

Presenation/Spoilers: Standard Biopic formula. The trailer shows off Brown through various phases of life, and also throws some of the typical biopic “curve balls” that we’re used to.

Anticipation Factor: Very High. Mark this moment, as this is not only the first prestige trailer we can remember seeing this year, but it’s a potential breakout moment for 42’s Chadwick Boseman. This looks like the type of movie that makes for not only perfect Prestige bait, but also Mr. Boseman’s career. This looks like another Ray, and if that’s the case, you’re going to be hearing A LOT about this movie come the end of the year.

– C&M –

the maze runnerThe Maze Runner

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Release Date: 09/19/14

Concept: Honestly, we’re trying to figure this one out as much as you are? From what it looks like, teenagers (isn’t it always the teenagers?) are sent to a maze running Summer camp in a dystopian future. Take LostThe Hunger Games, and Lord of The Flies, and you’ve probably got a decent idea of whatever this formula is supposed to be.

Presenation/Spoilers: If we knew what the story was supposed to be, we’d be able to tell you.

Anticipation Factor: Nonexistant. This trailer does nothing to sell this movie to anyone else other than people who are already read into the series. And if the trend that only The Hunger Games seemed to be able to buck holds up, you’re looking at another scattered franchise wannabe on the side of the Hollywood Highway.

– C&M –

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