Cocktails and Movies’ Trailer Tap – 4/15/14

Trailer Tap Trailers

Grab your flasks! And open a new window on your desk top! It’s time for previews!

Ok, so we skipped a week. Things got busy, and we missed a couple of deadlines last week. Lessons were learned, the Interns have been brow-beaten into making sure we’re on task, and we’re back up and running this week. There are some great trailers floating around out there for some movies coming out later this year.

Enjoy a few, won’t you?

The Drop The Drop

Studio: Fox Searchlight

Release Date: 09/19/14

Concept: A mob bar that launders the local crime scene’s money, also known as a “Drop Bar,” is robbed by chance. Or is it?

Presentation/Spoilers: The film looks good, but the trailer doesn’t present it in enough of a straightforward nature to really derive the story being told. The mob is involved with money laundering and Tom Hardy becomes attached to a pit bull? Why? How do these things make sense together?

Anticipation Factor: Moderate to High. Dennis Lehane is an excellent novelist, and this being his first screenplay effort, it’s going to draw people in. However, this doesn’t look terribly different from most mob films out there. Maybe the secret lies in the adorable pit bull’s plotline.


Lucy Lucy

Studio: Universal

Release Date: 08/08/14

Concept: Lucy has been used as an unsuspecting drug mule, smuggling an experimental drug to Taipei for some shady characters. However these shady characters should have remembered the first rule of drug smuggling: don’t smuggle a drug that superpowers the mule if they’re exposed to it.

Presentation/Spoilers: This is treading the same ground Limitless did, except it stars Scarlett Johannson and Morgan Freeman. So there’s that big difference, as well as a predominantly action tone that crosses into some choice areas of SciFi.

Anticipation Factor: Very High. If this succeeds, say hello to the justification for Marvel to make that Black Widow movie everyone wants to see.


Don Peyote don-peyote

Studio: Phase 4 Films

Release Date: TBD

Concept: Warren has a good life, a good job, and a good woman in his life. This all changes when, on his wedding day, he accidentally becomes exposed to drugs. One thing leads to another, and… well, the trailer doesn’t start in a mental hospital for nothing.

Presentation/Spoilers: This has “low budget indie” written all over it, though they do have a rather interesting cast to back it up.

Anticipation Factor: Low to Moderate. This looks like it could be interesting, but truthfully it looks like it could be a movie people were shanghaied into making, thanks to some favors they owed some people. (Which explains why it looks like it’s been shelved for two years.)


Maps To The Stars Maps to the Stars

Studio: Entertainment One

Release Date: TBD 2014Concept: A young woman becomes a personal assistant to a famous actress, and things start to take a turn for the weird when her family recognizes her return… and fears it.

Presentation/Spoilers: This is a very rough Post Production trailer, with some NSFW material that you’re not going to want the boss to see. So just keep this one in the deck, until you can experience it at home. Otherwise, it’s a vague brushstroke of a story that only hints at its Cronenbergian nature.

Anticipation Factor: High. David Cronenberg is a favorite of ours here, and to see him further reviving Robert Pattinson’s career, while filling out his cast list with greats like Julianne Moore and John Cusask, it quite a thrill. When Cronenberg is directing, you know it’s going to get messed up big time.


Gone Girl gone-girl-movie-poster

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Release Date: 10/03/14

Concept: When Nick Dunne’s wife goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary, he’s immediately the prime suspect in what’s presumed to be a murder case. As the investigation forges ahead, new factors are brought to light, and new twists make the truth more elusive. And that’s only the entirety of act I.

Presentation/Spoilers: Fincher drops the mic again, as he presents a music video synopsis of his ambitious adaptation. There isn’t a lot to say about this except that you’re going to be watching it again and again, and it has no hint of spoiler bait at all.

Anticipation Factor: Very High. The book is stellar, and the promise of a new third act entices even people who know the story to join in on the fun.


That’s all for this week’s three martini lunch break, folks! Keep in mind that release dates are subject to change, so check your trusted news sources and listings before setting your calendars.  Do you have any trailers you want to share, both Classic and Fresh, that you’d like us to feature on the Trailer Tap? Email us, or send us a line through Facebook and Twitter. If we pick your trailer, we’ll drop your name!