Cocktails and Movies’ Trailer Tap – 4/29/14


Trailer Tap TrailersOk, ok… we all know who’s going to be in the new Star Wars movies now. Calm yourself down with some trailers!

So the Star Wars cast list was confirmed, and Overlord Tim still hasn’t gotten a call from old Lens Flares. Seriously, what’s the hold up? He’s been commandeering the break room to practice his saber skills, he’s got the slightly British affectation down to a tee, and he can say Couruscant five times fast! (Not to mention, he’s promised ME the keys to the office, and full reign over the site if he gets called away for filming! – Mike)

Still, we won’t let our disappointment cloud your rocks glass. We leave that for the amber color of the fine Scotch in your desk drawer. We congratulate the new and diverse cast of Star Wars: Episode VII, and we wish them the best in their future endeavor… making us forget about the Prequels. That sais, it’s time to enjoy a few trailers. So pop some popcorn in the break room microwave, plug in your headphones, and be sure you’ve practiced your stealth pouring techniques. It’s time to go.


Walking With The Enemy walking with the enemy

Studio: Liberty Studios

Release Date: 4/25/14

Concept: The Hungarian Resistance infiltrates the Nazis, in a gambit to save the country they love. Based on a true story.

Presentation/Spoilers: If you’re looking for a movie that’s pushing for an Oscar, you’ve found it. We’ve seen this before, and we’ll see it again, as Liberty Studios has more “inspirational” dreck heading our way, including yet another World War II film.

Anticipation Factor: Non-existent. Just because you make a movie about World War II doesn’t automatically make it “inspirational”. If anything, we’d rather sit home and watch Valkyrie again.


– C&M –

Jersey Boys jersey boys

Studio: Warner Brothers

Release Date: 06/20/14

Concept: Based on the Tony Award winning musical, the film chronicles the rise and rough patches of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

Presentation/Spoilers: While the narrative is a little disjointed, the film looks like a winning adaptation of the stage play’s content. The look, the sound, the feel… all nailed down.

Anticipation Factor:  Very High. If Clint Eastwood bungles this one, we’re going to have a long, polite chat with him. (Or at least, the chair he would be sitting in.)

– C&M –

Sex Tape (Red Band) sex tape

Studio: Sony Pictures

Release Date: 07/25/ 14
 Concept: In order to bring the spark back to their relationship, a married couple films themselves having sex. That spark becomes a wildfire after said video is accidentally uploaded to the Apple cloud, thus releasing the video to anyone who received an iPad from them as a Christmas gift.

Presentation/Spoilers: First World Problems, The Motion Picture! Honestly, as much as we can rag on the movie being a sex tape between consumers and Apple products, this looks like it could be a fun little comedy. Who’d have thought that Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz could make a particularly compelling case for the world to release them from Comedy Jail. (It’s a thing.)

Anticipation Factor: Moderate to High. There’s still plenty of time for this concept to wear out its welcome.


– C&M –

As Above, So Below As_Above_So_Below

Studio: Universal/Legendary

Release Date: 08/15/14

Concept: A group of urban explorers look to explore the urban catacombs of Paris. What they find is more shocking than anything they could have bargained for… as well as the bodies of the cast members of Catacombs. You know… that movie starring P!nk and containing the same subject matter.

Presentation/Spoilers: Found footage. Yay? The sooner this trend dies, the better. Also, we’re calling it… the lead pair are probably children of the underground society, who escaped for better lives/to lure others into Hell.

Anticipation Factor: Low, unless we get tanked and watch it On Demand.

– C&M –

[Rec]4: Apocalypse rec-4-apocalypse

Studio: Flimax / Canal+ Espana

Release Date: 10/31/14 (Spain)

Concept: After the events of [Rec] and [Rec] 2, comes the supposedly final chapter in the series. Angela is on a tanker which will bring her to a quarantine facility, where she can be studied. Unfortunately for everyone on board, the terror is not over just yet.

Presentation/Spoilers: The  series has had highs and lows like any good horror franchise has, but this looks like it could be a dark and twisted version of Captain Phillips.

Anticipation Factor: Moderate. We kinda have to see the other sequels before we see this. They aren’t exactly available at Redbox.

– C&M –

That’s all for this week’s three martini lunch break, folks! Keep in mind that release dates are subject to change, so check your trusted news sources and listings before setting your calendars.

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