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This week on Cocktails and Movies “Flicks to Pick:” puberty, prison breaks, and public secrets!

movie ticket and popcorn cocktails and movies flicks to pickIt’s #FlicksToPick time again, everyone. This week we’ve got a couple of good choices for you to check out this weekend. Of course, there’s always the chance that you’re going to want to play catch up and see something that’s been out for a couple of weeks (Mike still hasn’t seen Prisoners or Cloudy 2). Nevertheless, we’re here to educate you about what’s coming out this weekend, and educate you we will. So grab some paper and take some notes, because you’re about to get schooled.

New releases for the weekend of October 10th:


carrie_2013 cocktails and movies flicks to pickCarrie (rated R)

Distributor: Screen Gems/Sony
Director: Kimberly Peirce
Starring: Chloe Moretz Grace, Judy Greer, and Julianne Moore

Carrie White (Moretz Grace) is different from most other girls. As if that weren’t bad enough, she has to survive the religious fervor of her mother (Moore) and the horrors of puberty. Under normal circumstances, this would be the perfect setting for a coming of age comedy/drama about overcoming adversity and standing up to those who oppose you. But when you’re starting to develop telekinetic powers, there’s bound to be a few “unfortunate accidents.”


escape_plan cocktails and movies flicks to pickEscape Plan (rated R)

Distributor: Lions Gate/Summit
Director: Mikael Hafstrom
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Amy Ryan, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Vincent D’Onofrio, Jim Cavizel, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Breslin (Stallone) is the best when it comes to breaking out of prisons that claim to be escape proof. With his associates (Ryan & Jackson) he runs a pretty successful practice. At least, he did until he was sent to “The Tomb” – a black site prison run by a sadistic warden (Cavizel). The Tomb is state of the art and just might live up its claim of inescapability. Of course, with a little help from some powerful allies (Schwarzenegger), he just might make it out alive.


fifth-estate-poster cocktails and movies flicks to pickThe Fifth Estate (rated R)

Distributor: Touchstone/Dreamworks
Director: Bill Condon
Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Bruhl, Anthony Mackie, Laura Linney, and Stanley Tucci

Julian Assange (Cumberbatch) and Daniel Berg (Daniel Bruhl) are crusaders for truth, and bursting with methods that can not only gain said truths but also deliver them. With their website Wikileaks, Assange and Berg would go on to leak numerous classified documents that would shed light on issues and conduct that governments of the world would rather they not. Unfortunately, with such an organization and purpose, there comes a price on both sides.

 – C&M –

Everything from Oscar bait to seasonal fare is on the menu this weekend, with a detour into Testosterone Town for those who want something different. Let’s take a look at last weekend’s actuals before we dive into this weekend’s bracket.

Box Office Actuals 10/11 – 10/13 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

 1. Gravity: $43.2 mil.

2. Captain Phillips: $25.7 mil.

3. Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2: $13.8 mil.

4. Machete Kills: $3.84 mil.

5. Runner Runner: $3.77 mil.

6. Prisoners: $3.6 mil.

7. Insidious Chapter 2: $2.7 mil.

8. Rush: $2.4 mil.

9. Don Jon: $2.4 mil.

10. Baggage Claim: $2 mil.

Gravity is fast becoming the champion of October. But could that all end this weekend? Let’s throw our newcomers in the ring and see who we think is going to take the crown!

carrie_2013 cocktails and movies flicks to pickMike’s Pick: Carrie/The Fifth Estate

Yes, The Fifth Estate is one of my Fall picks, but Carrie looks to be an interesting remake. Also, I’ve been watching as many horror movies as I can get my hands on to stay festive. So it’s an even split between these two, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Escape Plan if I had the time or money afterwards.

Tim’s Pick: Carrie

Gravity looks like it might win the box office again this weekend, as all those who originally couldn’t fathom what it was about finally  have heard EVERYONE talk about how good it is (and it IS good). But, I think that Carrie will place a good second. It looks like a solid remake of the original and Chloe Grace Moretz and Julian Moore look like a great combination as daughter/mother.

 – C&M – 

This weekend is President Tim’s turn to call the game, as we’ve arrived at the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

This Weekend’s Top 5:

(just so we’re all clear, I love movies. I DON’T love what people think are good movies. If the world were perfect, Pacific Rim would have outpaced Grown Ups 2 by a 10 t0 1 margin at the box office and would already be in production on a sequel…)

1. Gravity

George and Sandra are going to remain in space, cruising along in the upper atmosphere, sucking up the dollars with their space vacuum like that old game show…

Estimated Weekend: $24 million

2. Carrie

It’s Halloween and this movie is getting some traction as a great horror/thriller flick. Look for solid numbers, but not enough to break the Gravity stranglehold as it falls just short of the top spot.

Estimated Weekend: $23 million

3. Captain Phillips

The Tom Hanks biopic will fall to third place, but retain a lot of its audience’s dollars as more people are drawn to the story.

Estimated Weekend: $13 million

4. The Fifth Estate

Will it be Benedict Cumberbatch or the conspiracy theorists that come out for this one? I’m thinking a little of both.

Estimated Weekend: $11 million

 5. Escape Plan

Just enough fans out there still for Stallone and Ah-nold (without Expendables used in the title) to make this movie a top five film this week. JUST enough.

Estimated Weekend: $7 million

And with that, your weekend’s “Flicks to Pick” have been selected! Consequences be damned, that’s what we feel will take place. Anybody agree/disagree with this weekend’s picks? Send us some competition in the Comments section below, or on Facebook or Twitter.


We’ll see you again this Monday, when we’ll be wondering just how in Hell I’m In Love With A Church Girl was made. Until next weekend, treat your movies like your booze: spend and drink responsibly.