Cocktails and Movies Weekend Wrap Up – 11/18

by Tim Barley

Best Man Holiday is no match for the God of Thunder…

cocktails and movies Thor_The_Dark_WorldGood evening, everyone! We’re breaking in from our war room holiday strategy session to bring you the “wrap session” this evening – making sure we get the most accurate numbers for you, the discerning public. The only new wide release that debuted last weekend gave Thor: The Dark World  a run for its money, but fell short by about $6 million. Thor’s haul this weekend brings it up to almost $150 million, heading toward a $200 million domestic box office. Not bad for what was widely considered (wrongly) as the worst of the original solo Avengers films. With a big weekend of films this coming weekend, both these films need to make some big mid week dollars to avoid getting drowned out by a full holiday movie slate.

Without further ado, here are the numbers from  Box Office Mojo

Box Office Actuals 11/1 – 11/3 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

1. Thor: The Dark World: $36.6 mil

2. Best Man Holiday: $30.1 mil.

3. Last Vegas: $8.4mil.

4. Free Birds: $8.1 mil.

5. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa: $7.4 mil.

6. Gravity: $6.1 mil.

7. Ender’s Game: $6 mil.

8. 12 Years a Slave: $4.6 mil.

9.  Captain Phillips: $4.3 mil.

10. About Time: $3.3 mil.


What did the Wrap Session learn from the weekend?

We learned that people apparently DO ready this site and take what we say with a grain of salt (several of them on the rim of a margarita glass). Aside from the three major stars that follow us on Twitter and the radio station here in LA that has mentioned us twice in a week, we have great followers who have enjoyed our takes on all things cocktails and movies. So, this week, we pat ourselves on the back as Thor: The Dark World continues to make some excellent numbers. Coming in at number two was a sequel to a movie that was in theaters over 13 years ago. But, Best Man Holiday was able to generate some good numbers. Both movies beat our expectations from last week. We had the remainder of the top five picked, but in a different order. Obviously, the grandparents went to the theater without the grandkids, as Last Vegas eked out a win over Free Birds and Bad Grandpa.

cocktails and movies gravity-movie-spaceIn the bottom five of the top ten sit the movies you’ll hear about in February and March during Oscar season. Gravity remains high in the box office at number six and has a box office TOTAL of $240 million! Meanwhile Ender’s Game continues its slide down the charts, losing 40% of its box office from last weekend. Sticking around, and continuing to gather huge praise are both 12 Years a Slave and Captain Phillips which have benefited from huge word of mouth. Sitting in last place is the “feel good movie of the year” (don’t get us started on this phrase as we’ve already had Twitter conversations with it ad nauseum), About Time.

Well, that’s the “wrap” from the weekend. We’re busy working on the “30 Holi-Days of Cocktails and Movies.” Share it with your friends and family to win some great prizes. We hope you saw a great movie this weekend and enjoyed a few cocktails. Until the next wrap, everyone, drinkCOCKTAILSwatchMOVIES.