Cocktails and Movies Weekend Wrap Session


The box office scares up some great numbers for the first week of October!

cocktails and movies 2013 fall movie preview Gravity-2013Do you hear that, Mixers? That sound that filled the air this weekend? That was buzz. That was October becoming the first shot in the battleground that is fall tent pole season. Really, it’s “pup tent” pole season, but still… It was a hell of a weekend at the top of the charts, but also a good weekend for two surprises coming out of the Indie world. With that in mind, we present to you the films that YOU picked to see this weekend.

Box Office Estimates 10/4 – 10-6 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

1. Gravity:  Actual: $55.6 mil. / Estimate: $35 mil

2. Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2: Actual: $21.5 mil. / Estimate: $22 mil

3. Runner Runner: Actual: $7.6 mil. / Estimate: $10 mil

4. Prisoners: Actual: $5.7 mil. / Estimate: $6 mil

5. Rush: Actual: $4.4 mil. / Estimate: $7 mil

6. Don Jon: $4.2 mil.

7. Baggage Claim: $4.1 mil.

8. Insidious Chapter 2: $3.9 mil.

9. Pulling Strings: $2.5 mil.

10. Enough Said: $2.2 mil.

Other than the amount of dollars that Gravity took in, Tim and Mike have finally figured this box office thing out and are ready to take on the big guys!

Cocktails and Movies’ take on the weekend

We’ll start with the big news: taking your time apparently can pay off, especially if you’re Alfonso Cuaron. Gravity went through casting changes, a stint in “Development Hell,” and scheduling shuffles to become a $55.6 million hit its opening weekend. Which, if you’re keeping track, is the BIGGEST October opening ever! Congratulations to Cuaron and the executives who stuck with this film. Reviews are pretty positive, and President Tim loved it. “Sure, there were no aliens, which we’ve come to expect from space movies. But in IMAX, in 3D (which I hate BTW), this film pulls you and never lets you go.”

We should have a backlog of reviews up shortly, as we’ve been busy trying to program this month’s spooktacular theming. Cloudy 2 managed to hold fast with the kids and adults alike flocking to the screens, where as Runner Runner had some decent success, especially considering what it was up against. (Clooney/Affleck/Timberlake Smoulder-Off… GO!)

Cocktails and Movies Wrap Session pulling_stringsPerhaps the biggest news of the weekend is, yet again, Indie film has peeked its head into the Top 10 without Awards Season pushes. In the case of Pulling Strings, it looks like the attention that studios like Paramount has paid to the Latino demographic is paying off. Lionsgate had done this previously last month with the release of the bilingual dramedy hit Instructions Not Included, and has now repeated that success with this romantic comedy about Mariachi bands. In the case of Fox Searchlight’s Enough Said, it is one of the last chances audiences have to say goodbye to James Gandolfini. This, as well as the claims that this character is the closest we’ll ever see to Gandolfini playing himself on screen, probably helped put this one on the map. (Of course, Searchlight’s advertising apparatus has always been rather impressive, as they’ve made modest to huge hits out of little indies before. Doubly so during Award Season.)

October has started with a bang, but can it keep up the pace? It’s up to you, America. Stick with us hear at Cocktails and Movies! #DrinkCocktailsWatchMovies OR, New Hashtag Suggestion #LightsDownGlassesUp, we’re ready for the next round!