Cocktails and Movies’ Wrap Session – 3/10/14


Newcomers take the box office by storm! Nonstop stops at third place

300 rise of an empireIt was a big weekend for a big movie. Monday might be a dirty word for most of you Mixers out there, but for the studios it can go either way. In the case of this weekend, Warner Brothers and Fox are allowed to breathe a sigh of relieve. The former is just continuing its fairly formidable stride, where as the latter finally scored a hit with the family audience they’ve been pandering to pretty hard.

Here’s this past weekend’s box office numbers:

Weekend Box Office (Official Estimates) 3/7 – 3/9 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

1. 300: Rise of An Empire: Actual: $45.1 mil. – Estimate: $34 mil.  / 1st Place
2. Mr. Peabody and Sherman: Actual: $32.5 mil. – Estimate: $32 mil. / 2nd Place
3. Nonstop: Actual: $15.4 mil. – Estimate: $19 mil. / 3rd Place
4. The LEGO Movie: Actual: $11 mil. – Estimate: $19 mil. / 4th Place
5. Son of GodActual: $10 mil. – Estimate: $15 mil. / 5th Place
6. The Monuments Men$3.10 mil.
7. 3 Days to Kill: $3.06 mil.
8. Frozen$3.0 mil.
9. 12 Years A Slave: $2.2 mil.
10. Ride Along: $2.0 mil.

300: Rise of An Empire did well this weekend. So well that even the suits at Warner Bros. were surprised by the film’s $45 million in ticket sales this weekend. ($12 million of which was made off of their continued partnership with IMAX.) While it was a shoo-in for the weekend, we still didn’t know how big it was going to be. Hell, we even admitted our estimate was conservative.

The one result we actually did manage to accurately predict both the monetary and placing predictions for was Mr. Peabody and Sherman, which managed to capitalize the kid audience that obviously got tired of The LEGO Movie. Though Frozen was still making ink this weekend, as it crossed 100 consecutive days on the top 10 list. We’d chalk it up to the Oscar bump, but the film’s been doing so well on its own that we can’ t just write it off as such.

Chiwetel-Ejiofor-12-years-a-slaveWhat was given an Oscar bump was 12 Years A Slave, which jumped back into 9th place. The Monuments Men and 3 Days To Kill are both hanging in with a 6th and 7th place finish, proving themselves as stable B-Team fixtures for the past couple of weeks. Rounding out the top 10 listing was none other than Bona Fide success Ride Along. Whether this manages to become a sustainable franchise or not will be see when its sequel hits the streets. For now though, Universal can refill their champagne glass for at least one more round.

March continues to become more and more interesting as we have some major releases that might manage to be even more successful than barely dressed men and even less dressed women. And we have an early access review to one of the films that, fingers crossed, will manage to be one of those successes. It goes without saying, you should keep your browser open to C&M. After all, you shouldn’t watch bad movies without good cocktails!