Cocktails and Movies’ Wrap Session – 3/17/14


Mr. Peabody and Sherman is top dog!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Mixers! We hope that your festivities have been and continue to be fun but safe. May you see more green than you can count but less red and blue than you like. (aka TAKE A CAB!!!) By the numbers though, we have seen what you didn’t see… and that’s movies. We’re back to lower end numbers, and that kind of upsets us… especially with a movie like Need For Speed coming out of the gate this weekend. Here’s the estimated box office takes for this weekend.

Weekend Box Office (Official Estimates) 3/14 – 3/16 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

1. Mr. Peabody and Sherman: Actual: $21.2 mil. – Estimate: $16 mil. / 4th Place
2. 300: Rise of An Empire: Actual: $19.1 mil. – Estimate: $17 mil.  / 3rd Place
3. Need For Speed: Actual: $17.8 mil. – Estimate: $27 mil. / 1st Place
4. Nonstop: Actual: $10.6 mil. – Estimate: $12 mil. / 5th Place
5. Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club: Actual: $8.3 mil. – Estimate: $23 mil. / 2nd Place
6. The LEGO Movie: $7.7 mil.
7. Son of God$5.4 mil.
8. The Grand Budapest Hotel: $3.6 mil.
9. Frozen$2.1 mil.
10. Veronica Mars: $2 mil.

Supreme Overlord Tim go the top five right, just not in the right order. Or anywhere near the box office totals… Mr. Peabody and Sherman scored a second weekend victory, which was well earned considering it’s probably the best kids’ movie on the market right now. (Yes, that’s including The LEGO Movie and Frozen, both of which are maintaining a spot in the top 10’s lower half.)

300: Rise Of An Empire apparently didn’t get enough of an audience last weekend, as it seemed to hijack most of the testosterone in the movie market 300-Rise-Of-An-Empire3-150x150with its 2nd place finish. Need For Speed and Non-Stop got what they could in 3rd and 4th place, which is perfectly fine for the latter but a bit disappointing for the former. Good first weekend buzz could carry it into a better finish next weekend, one could hope.

Speaking of hoping for a better weekend, Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club opened at an even more disappointing 5th place. Looks like if you want the girls to have a #LadiesNight, you should entice them with the menfolk on display in the 2nd-4th place, and not pandering melodrama. Son of God continues its climb down the ladder, but who knows… a late Spring resurrection could be in order!

Finishing up the top 10 is the expanding The Grand Budapest Hotel, which went wider after breaking the record for highest grossing limited release opening in history (at $202,792 per screen on only 4 screens!) As it goes (hopefully) nationwide, we should see a nicer showing in place for Wes Anderson’s latest opus. It’s a shame it will probably be forgotten by awards season, as Mr. Anderson’s is a voice that deserves to be rewarded. Kristen Bell is certainly being rewarded as Veronica Mars has made itself a nice $2 million, which comes after a journey that began with a Kickstarter campaign with that same amount as the initial goal. If the film were to perform that well for two more weeks, it’ll make its budget back. (Which is roughly the full amount that Kickstarter raised for the film’s production.)

The-Departed-dvd-150x150Enjoy your drinks, Corned Beef and Cabbage, and repeated viewings of The Departed. Just remember come tomorrow, work will be waiting for you… hangover or not. Still, if you’re going to down all the Good Cocktails you can get your hands on, why not throw in a couple Bad Movies to laugh through. Happy St. Paddy’s Day, kids!