Announces Sale to Industry Consortium

Hermosa Beach, CA – April 1st, 2016

Barely weeks before the entertainment website was to go public, an entertainment consortium, Film Industry Group: Movies, Entertainers and New Technologies, or FIGMENT, tendered an partnership offer of $14 million for the small website, run by its longtime president, Tim Barley.

“What Mr. Barley has been able to create all by himself over the last ten years is nothing short of amazing, and we look forward to helping Mr. Barley’s site grow into the site we know it can become,” FIGMENT spokesman, Phil MiCracken said, “Our industry has seen its share of people’s entertainment dollar spending stagnate and grow smaller for a variety of reasons. We think that has the right idea in attempting to bring audiences back to the theaters to view their movies.” was born out of an idea to bring friends together on a Friday night for an after work happy hour and a movie. Over the years, it has grown from an eVite-based event group, to a full fledged entertainment website, social media presence and continued events.

“I think that with this partnership in place, we will be able to bring this fun lifestyle to younger generations of movie viewers who don’t watch movies the same as previous generations. It has always been my goal to watch movies on the big screen with friends, both new and old, with a strong cocktail and good times.”

Tim Barley will remain president of the group, and will continue to run day to day operations and will continue to market the company to spirit brands, restaurants, bars, theaters and distributors. No other team members are in place.

Happy April 1st!