Thursday Trailer Tap – 09/06/18

by Duwayne Tso

Cocktails and Movies and Trailers, Oh My! Thursday Trailer Tap
Are you sitting in your cubicle with stacks of TPS reports to go through? Listening to that conference call where everyone is talking at the same time about nothing at all that matters? Stuck at the water cooler hearing how Crazy Rich Asians took the #1 spot again this past weekend! Need something to watch with that flask in your desk and that burned microwave popcorn from the break room? Let us share movie trailers with you with this week’s The Thursday Trailer Tap

Labor Day weekend has signaled the end of the summer movie season. This means we will award season hopefuls and various holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) themed movies. This week we have a decent amount of movie trailers that you can definitely check out on your break time. This week we have seven great movie trailer, one good movie trailers and one possible stinker! We have FOUR trailers we are seeing for the first time and FIVE trailer for movies we have previewed for you in the past.

While El Jefe mixes himself another afternoon cocktail, let’s step up to the bar before he comes back. So open your special drawer, fetch that secret stash of booze you’ve got hidden away and come see what will be in store for us moviegoers in the coming months!

I have NINE new trailers for you to sample from our Thursday Trailer Tap!

― C & M ―

22 July   

Studio: Netflix
Release Date: October 10, 2018
The true story of the aftermath of Norway’s deadliest terrorist attack. On 22 July 2011, 77 people were killed when a far-right extremist detonated a car bomb in Oslo before carrying out a mass shooting at a leadership camp for teens.

Anticipation Factor: MEDIUM-HIGH. A movie about real people and real events … I’m so there. It is always interesting to see the behind the scenes leading up to an event that the public was not privy to. I love the subtle build-up as we get to know the students before the first event happens. Then it gets really dramatic and suspenseful as the terrorist comes to the island and begins stalking the kids. The storyline looks pretty good with a thorough before, during, and after sections of the event.

― C & M ―

Anna And The Apocalypse   

Studio: Orion Pictures
Release Date: November 30, 2018
A zombie apocalypse threatens the sleepy town of Little Haven – at Christmas – forcing Anna and her friends to fight, slash and sing their way to survival, facing the undead in a desperate race to reach their loved ones. But they soon discover that no one is safe in this new world, and with civilization falling apart around them, the only people they can truly rely on are each other.

Anticipation Factor: MEDIUM-LOW. Normally I enjoy zombie movies a lot. But, a musical zombie? I am not sure that really works. There are lots of things I do not like about musicals and I see it in this trailer. Things like that would not be best for your survival walking amongst zombies. I am not too sure aboutthe comedy zombie portion. There have been a few I have enjoyed but this one I am not so sure about. I definitely need another trailer before I can get a little more excited about this.

― C & M ―

At Eternity’s Gate   

Studio: Riverstone Pictures / SPK Pictures
Release Date: November 16, 2018
A look at Vincent van Gogh’s time in Arles.

Anticipation Factor: MEDIUM-HIGH. Another movie about a real person this week. I am not much of a fan of painting, but Van Gogh is an artist I really like. Willem Dafoe is great as Van Gogh, not only does he look like him but his acting is pretty damn good. He also has a great supporting cast to work against. It will be interesting to learn more about this man at a pivotal time in his life as opposed to the usual whole life story we often get.

― C & M ―


Studio: Universal Pictures / Blumhouse Productions
Release Date: October 19, 2018
Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Anticipation Factor: MEDIUM-HIGH. I enjoyed the first two Halloween movies a lot when I was a kid. The subsequent sequels were entertaining but not on par with the first two. I love the idea of this movie disregards every movie after the original and this now becomes the sequel. There are some good new footage at the beginning as well as the possible final confrontation between Laurie and Michael. Some good scary moments, but it is the iconic score that really raises the hairs on my arm. I cannot wait for this to get here!

― C & M ―

Instant Family   

Studio: Paramount Pictures
Release Date: November 16, 2018
A couple find themselves in over their heads when they adopt three children.

Anticipation Factor: MEDIUM-HIGH. I had low expectations about this, but I must say that I really liked it. I think Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne are great together, they had good chemistry with one another. There were a lot of funny moments with the parents bonding with their adopted children, especially the sports ones. I cannot wait to see the next one.

― C & M ―

Teen Spirit

Studio: Automatik, Aperture Media Partners, Blank Tape
Release Date: TBD
Violet is a shy teenager living in the Isle of Wight who dreams of pop stardom as an escape from her small town and shattered family life. With the help of an unlikely mentor, Violet enters an international singing competition that will test her integrity, talent and ambition.

Anticipation Factor: MEDIUM. I could go either way with this one, it has things I like but I am not a big fan of those singing competition reality shows. I do like Elle Fanning though, she is a good actress and does a lot of good independent movies. This teaser trailer just showed the competition part, so it will be interesting to see what a full trailer will show us.

― C & M ―

The Favourite   

Studio: Fox Searchlight Pictures / Film4
Release Date: November 23, 2018
In early 18th century England, a frail Queen Anne occupies the throne and her close friend Lady Sarah governs the country in her stead. When a new servant Abigail arrives, her charm endears her to Sarah.

Anticipation Factor: MEDIUM-HIGH. This movie looks amazing. I love the roles that the three ladies; Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz, and Emma Stone, portray. They are exceptional in their roles and had me chuckling at times. The storyline looks great and I love the jealous angle they use. But knowing director Yorgo Lanthimos, this movie is going to get crazy in the third act and not in a good way for the two ladies vying for the Queen’s attention.

― C & M ―

The Nutcracker and The Four Realms   

Studio: Buena Vista
Release Date: November 2, 2018
A young girl is transported into a magical world of gingerbread soldiers and an army of mice.

Anticipation Factor: MEDIUM-HIGH. I have been a huge fan of The Nutcracker since I was a boy. I am looking forward to see the expanded history behind the classic ballet. I am liking the young heroine, Mackenzie Foy, as well the villainous turn by Helen Mirren. The story is great, and I am loving the SFX, set designs, and costumes. I would love another trailer to see before the movie arrives in theatres.

― C & M ―

The Predator   

Studio: 20th Century Fox
Release Date: September 14, 2018
When a young boy accidentally triggers the universe’s most lethal hunters’ return to Earth, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled science teacher can prevent the end of the human race.

Anticipation Factor: MEDIUM-HIGH. I loved the original with Ah-nuld, but not the sequels or the Aliens vs Predator movies. I did enjoy the Robert Rodriguez movie Predators though. The most important thing is that they went with a R rating for it. There is a lot of action/violence we saw in the previous trailer. But, this trailer focused more on the comedic aspect of it and something that Shane Black is known for in his movies. I love all the male bonding and joking around. This is definitely going to be a great guy movie to watch. I cannot wait!

― C & M ―

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