Monday Morning Hangover Report – 5.2.2016

by Tim Barley

The Jungle Book Still Rules The Jungle

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Well, it’s time again to look at what happened over the weekend as we bring you the Monday Morning Hangover Report where we talk about the weekend box office and anything else that may have happened. First, let me thank everyone that came out to “Cats and Cocktails” yesterday as we called it. The LA group went to see Keanu and had a pretty good time with three drinks apiece and great seats! But, enough about me, and us here in LA. Let’s see what YOU did this weekend.

As expectedThe Jungle Book retained the top spot, again surpassing my expectations last Friday by over 25%. And that’s where any idea of what I’m doing went completely out the window. The only correct pick that was even close was The Huntsman: Winter’s War and its box office at $10 million. My guess was still over its take and the movie came in at number three. Which means that this was a horrible weekend at the box office. Maybe kids (and fanboy adults) are just keeping their dollars until next weekend, the weekend after that and after that… as the big summer movies come out. Keanu, which we loved, did not inspire non “Key & Peele” fans to come to the theaters. And neither did Ratchet & Clank. But, the box office fortunes look to change as the summer movie season rolls out huge with a few comic book movies next week…

Let’s see what happened this weekend.

Once again, the following estimates are from Box Office Mojo, and are fresh as of Sunday afternoon. Be aware that these numbers could change when the actuals finally come out later this week (blue are new movies this last weekend):

  1. The Jungle Book: $42,439,000
  2. Keanu: $9,450,000
  3. The Huntsman: Winter’s War: $9,390,000
  4. Mother’s Day:  $8,302,000
  5. Barbershop: The Next Cut: $6,100,000
  6. Zootopia$5,006,000
  7. Ratchet & Clank:  $4,832,000
  8. The Boss: $4,250,000
  9. Batman v Superman: $3,865,000
  10. Criminal: $1,325,000

— C&M —

This week I was close to picking all top five, yet nowhere near the box office totals. Come on, people! I have so much more faith in you to enjoy the theaters!


Keanu movie cocktails and MoviesAgain, not a big surprise at the box office this past weekend as the studios seem to be finishing their dump of films before the summer season begins over the next few weeks. And there is a veritable train of huge movies that we are looking to go see this summer and hopefully you do as well. Looking at the weekend, the Jungle Book still has kids bugging their parents to do something, anything outside the house as the world warms up and Spring takes hold. And the three new movies didn’t have much in the way of slowing power, as the best grossing new movie, Keanu, only managed $9+ million. The top movie this weekend grossed as much as the next eight COMBINED! Mother’s Day was made to squeeze into the top five and Ratchet & Clank didn’t have the video game following that something like Angry Birds might when that movie comes out.

So, it’s good to be back this Monday. We’re looking another writer around here to help out with story ideas or movie reviews (we can even pay you for your movie ticket) so if you area writer who is a fan of the movies and likes to write on a Sunday night or Monday morning OR know someone who is, reach out to me at or

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