Monday Morning Hangover Report – July 18th, 2016

by Mike Reyes and Tim Barley

While the Pets won the day, Ghostbusters still plays.

Cocktails and Movies Monday Morning Hangover Report 7.18.16

Is it Monday already, Mixers? We could have sworn we were just turning the lights off at the offices and heading out for our first drink on Friday evening only moments ago. That just goes to show that a good weekend, with the right drinks and the right flicks at your side, goes out the door before you know it.

Speaking of which, we’d like to thank our West Coast followers for lifting some spirits as we took in Ghostbusters (2016) this past Sunday. We had a great time at the Arclight Hollywood, with several cocktails going down quickly and easily before enjoying the Cineramadome and some really funny moments during the film. In case you couldn’t make it, or in case you’re still skeptical about whether you should put down some hard earned money on a ticket or two, you can read our review here. Spoiler alert: it’s worth the time. Next up: SUICIDE SQUAD in August. See our Facebook page for details.

With all of that out of the way, let’s take a look at this weekend’s box office rundown!

Once again, the following estimates are from Box Office Mojo, and are fresh as of Sunday afternoon. Be aware that these numbers could change when the actuals finally come out later this week (blue are new movies this last weekend),

  1. The Secret Life of Pets – $50.5 mil.
  2. Ghostbusters (2016)  $46 mil.
  3. The Legend of Tarzan – $11.1 mil.
  4. Finding Dory – $11 mil.
  5. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – $7.5 mil.
  6. The Purge: Election Year – $6 mil.
  7. Central Intelligence – $5.3 mil.
  8. The Infiltrator – $5.29 mil.
  9. The BFG – $3.7 mil.
  10. Independence Day: Resurgence – $3.4

— C&M —

This weekend’s film market wasn’t a total wash for Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot, as the film did rank in with a healthy $46 mil. behind The Secret Life of Pets’ $50.5 mil. However, considering Sony’s latest attempt at kicking off a powerful franchise has a $144 mil. budget attached to it, with what’s assuredly an unholy amount of advertising spend, it may not be as rosy of a picture as we’d hoped in the finance department. While Sony’s distribution chief went on record as saying sequel will happen, we’re just waiting for said studio employee to get a nice talking to.

Meanwhile, animation continued to chug along at the box office, as The Secret Life of Pets maintained alpha status with its $50.5 mil, while Finding Dory came in with $11.4 mil. more to add to its already impressive domestic earnings. With the rest of its international roll out waiting in the wings, the impressive Pixar sequel looks like it’s found its sea legs, and will continue to steamroll at the box office.

But if there was a genre that seems to be ailing at the box office at this particular point and time, it’d have to be comedy. With Central Intelligence and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates both in the lower portion of the box office picture, the laughs don’t seem to be coming from anywhere that’s not a franchise. Though, to be fair, the former has already made its bones in terms of budget, while the latter looks to be at the break even point in the near future. Still, both films resemble high profile pairings of alpha males and rising stars of comedy, and we used to be able to depend on such films banking serious box office bucks. Might be time to change the formula, folks.

GB 2

Last, but not least, the weekend was rounded out with some interesting results. As we look at the trio of Fourth of July stallions, we see that The Purge: Election Year is the winner of the three, as it’s not only crushed it in the budget to gross ratio, it’s also the highest positioned of the three films that opened that weekend. Not to mention, the film is already outpacing its predecessor, The Purge: Anarchy in terms of its haul. By this time next week, the film will be the highest grossing film in its franchise, which may or may not mean we’ll see at least one more entry in the series.

As for the other two competitors, The Legend of Tarzan is just above water as of this weekend’s closing, which only leaves advertising costs to be covered. We wish we could say the same about The BFG, but alas, audiences don’t have time for a friendly Spielberg picture in the midst of pets, ghosts, and loincloths.

This week sees a return to space, the dawning of the Ice Age, and some creepy things lurking in the darkness. Don’t turn out the lights yet, folks. We’re just making a fresh pitcher of content that you’re gonna love, and we’re going to need your support to get it out there! Don’t forget to follow us on our various social media platforms, as well as share the site with your friends / family / bartenders. We’ll see you soon, Mixers!

Until then, don’t let Monday get you down too much. It’ll be over before you know it.