Monday Morning Hangover Report – July 11th, 2016

by Tim Barley

Universal goes “Pet” Crazy


hangover report secret life of pets

Good boy, Universal. Good boy! The people at Universal have to be breaking open the Dom this morning and enjoying themselves as they can wipe the stain of Warcraft off themselves. With two moves in the top five, including Secret Life of Pets and Purge: Election Year, they can relax a bit after the bomb from June. In fact, Pets made more than the next 14 movies COMBINED. Obviously, it was a weekend for adults to take the children inside and out of the heat and get a cocktail as the nation really needed a get-away from all the newsworthy events of the past week.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates was the only other new opening last weekend, and it did a respectful $16 million. Not too bad for an R-rated movie! Looking at my picks from Friday last week, I didn’t do too badly. I was a little gun shy with my predictions after the whole Independence Day thing. So, grab a stiff morning cocktails and let’s look at what happened.


Once again, the following estimates are from Box Office Mojo, and are fresh as of Sunday afternoon. Be aware that these numbers could change when the actuals finally come out later this week (blue are new movies this last weekend):

  1. The Secret Life of Pets – $103,170,000
  2. The Legend of Tarzan – $20,615,000
  3. Finding Dory – $20,351,000
  4. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – $16,600,000
  5. The Purge: Election Year – $11,700,000
  6. Central Intelligence – $8,125,000
  7. Independence Day: Resurgence – $7,700,000
  8. The BFG – $7,604,000
  9. The Shallows – $4,800,000
  10. Sultan –  $2,216,475

— C&M —

Pets did better by $20 million than I was suspecting, but that’s only because every other movie lost at least 35% of its previous weekend gross. The average loss from the weekend prior was approximately 50%, with The Purge down 62%, but still having made 5x it’s budget. It’s our Mid-Week Day Off Movie of the Week on Wednesday, so come join us!

The BFG and Independence Day continue to shed box office as both were down over 50% from their previous week. The surprise this week was Sultan. This movie, from India about a middle-aged wrester trying to represent India in the Olympics, made over $2 million on only 283 screens across the U.S.!

Not a bad weekend at the box office, but it could have been better. So, get out there and see some movies, kids. Adults, grab a cocktail or two first!

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Have a happy Monday, everyone!

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