We need YOU (to drink cocktails and watch movies)

Come with us to make Cocktails and Movies a powerhouse in 2017

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Hello, Cocktailers!
Do you like cocktails? Movies? Cocktails AND movies? Have you always wanted to write for the inter-webs and have your work seen by people other than your parents and significant other?
Then join us at Cocktails and Movies and write about either industry or both! We are looking to grow ex-po-nen-tially in 2017, and we need your help. We offer the possibility of experience and fun and getting you experience in writing great copy (why our very own Mike Reyes parlayed what he did for us to become an editor at Cinemablend).
But, it’s not just writers and content providers we’re looking for. We need great interviewers as we introduce “Have a Drink With Us” (celebrity interviews) and great reviewers (we’ve been invited to some great premieres…), as well as some good website help, videographers to create cocktail videos and so much more.
Send us an email to info@cocktailsandmovies and introduce yourself to us and share with us what you have done and what you’d like to do.