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Cocktails and Movies Review: “The Wolverine” – Everyone’s Favorite Mutant Earns His Stripes Again

Forget “Origins”… Just Forget It Ever Happened. You’ll Be Better Off.

Cocktails and Movies Sharpens Up And Fights For The Wolverine.

In 2000, a relative newcomer by the name of Hugh Jackman burst onto movie screens worldwide as one of the most beloved X-Men of all time. He lucked into the role that Dougray Scott was supposed to play, and that Fox wanted to give to either Gary Sinise or Keanu Reeves. What started as a stroke of luck turned into an amazing break for the man who would, 12 years later, still embody the very essence of the role he was originally given on a whim. Much like the franchise that originated that he originated from, there have been highs (X2: X-Men United), some lows (X3: The Last Stand), and of course a one way trip to rock bottom (Do we even have to mention Origins?), but ultimately if there was one thing you could count on it was this: Hugh Jackman is, and always will be, a kick assed Wolverine. It’s been proven time and time again, and it’s only further proven in the successful continuation of his story.