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Cocktails and Movies Weekend Review: “Wait. What Happened?”

by tim barley and mike reyes

Don’t remember what movie you saw this weekend? Cocktails and Movies can tell you…

NO2!!!!! This weekend was one for the books, kids! You evidently saw our Cocktails and Movies Cocktails and Movies fast & furious 6 movie posterreviews and helped Fast and Furious 6 to the best Memorial Day weekend opening EVER! It looks like we underestimated the horse power that this reinvigorated series has, and we underestimated just how much clout the “Three Man Wolf Pack” had lost between one crappy sequel to the next. Before we examine the walloping at this weekend’s box office barrage, let’s take a look at who landed where.


Cocktails and Movie Weekend Review: “Wait. What Happened?”

cocktails and movies star-trek-into-darknessCocktails and Movies tells you how you spent your allowance last weekend

By Tim Barley and Mike Reyes

Trifecta, kids! Like Kevin Spacey at Pimlico, we picked the horses this weekend and won! We placed the first three films correctly, but had a bit of a snafu with the numbers. It’s a process, these things take time. But, we’re getting the hanging of this projection thing.

Here were your Top Ten choices for this past weekend.

Cocktails and Movies Monday “Wait, What Happened?”

by Tim Barley and Mike Reyes

Cocktails and Movies Points Out What YOU Did at the Box Office

Wow…just wow. This past weekend was a good one in terms of our predictions, so forgive us if we pat ourselves on the back a little bit. Here’s last weekend’s numbers versus our predictions.

1. Iron Man 3: Actual – $72.5 mil, Prediction – $80 mil.

2. The Great Gatsby: Actual – $51.1 mil, Prediction – $54 mil.cocktails and movies The-Great-Gatsby

3. Pain and Gain: $5 mil

4. Peeples: Actual – $4.9 mil, Prediction – $23 mil.

5. 42: $4.7 mil

6. Oblivion: $3.9 mil

7. The Croods: $3.6 mil

8. The Big Wedding: $2.5 mil.

9. Mud: $2.3 mil.

10. Oz The Great and Powerful: $802,000

So out of our top three, we got the first two right on the head, with a small gap in the box office numbers. Iron Man 3 is on a course for a gentle descent down the Top 10, but with popular tentpoles like this, it’s a given. They burn brightly in the beginning and drop down fairly quick. Which is moderately good news for The Great Gatsby, as its $51.1 million opening brings almost half of its budget back into the coffer.

Third place is where our patent-pending formula started to hiccup, as the predicted third-place Peeples was actually bested by Michael Bay’s indie-esque effort Pain and Gain. Already back in the black, it’s nice to see that Bay’s exercise in pared down budgeting is paying off, and might encourage other blockbuster auteurs to do the same. Speaking of indies and unexpected successes, Mud and 42 are performing rather wonderfully for films of their respective stature.

If you’d asked us a couple months ago how 42 would have done, we’d have said a modest success. Modest doesn’t even begin to describe it, as it’s made $84.7 million on a $40 million budget, with comsecutive top five showings since its April 12 opening. In other news, Mud has actually been climbing in its gross, enjoying a slight bounce from last weekend’s wide release of the film. A bounce that has actually brought in a weekend gross greater than that of its opening. Rounding off the weekend at number ten is Oz: The Great and Powerful, still hanging on from a March opening.

And that’s the weekend that was, and this weekend is going to be even more amazing as Star Trek Into Darkness seems poised for a solid Summer opening! Look for every movie here to take a step down the ladder.

Stick with us here at Cocktails and Movies, as we’ll not only be covering the box office scorecard, but also introducing a new feature for those of you who want to keep the party going at home. Also, there might be an advanced review of a certain Summer release that we happened to score tickets to an early screening of. Plenty of exciting things are coming here at Cocktails and Movies, and you’d be a fool not to stick around and see them through!

Cocktails and Movies “Flicks To Pick” This Weekend

by tim barley and mike reyes

What we think you should watch

Cocktails and Movies is always looking ahead to the latest releases, the most recent movie news, and trends in drinking technology. Now, with our trademark brand of charm, sophistication and non-accountant based number crunching, we’d like to present to you all yet another gem in the Cocktails and Movies crown: the “Flicks to Pick” this weekend.

(Short version of what we’re doing here: every weekend, we’ll pick our top 3 flicks to pick and we’ll guess not only what ranking they will finish, but how much they’ll make over the 3-day weekend.)