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Why I Built Cocktails and Movies…

Cocktails and Movies: It’s not work if you have fun doing it

Tim Barley Cocktails and Movies

Visual Approximation of Tim Barley – president of Cocktails and Movies

Greetings to those of you whom I have never had a chance to meet. Someday I hope to make your acquaintance, no matter how far away geographically you may be. For even though you may be on the opposite side of the world, or just on the other side of the Sepulveda Pass, if you are reading this then you share at least a little bit of love for movies, cocktails or just getting together with friends.

And that, my friend, is why Cocktails and Movies is so important to me. Not because I think that EVERY movie should be seen in a theater. That could get expensive! Nor do I think that everyone should be drinking all the time. It’s good to drink in moderation and safely. I cannot stress the need to DRINK RESPONSIBLY. 

Cocktails and Movies Weekend #FlicksToPick

Four movies open this weekend, but will YOU see them?

cocktails and movies #flickstopick aug16 ka2, paranoia, butler, jobsThis week on Cocktails and Movies installment of #FlicksToPick: You can eschew your Paranoia to go out and see Ashton Kutcher in Jobs. Or will you hand over all your chores to The Butler, then go out and Kick Ass 2 with the gang from the West Coast branch of Cocktails and Movies on Saturday night? 

Cocktails and Movies Weekend Recap: Wolverine Hacks His Way to The Top


You Can’t Be Wrong With Your Picks If You Don’t Make Them…

cocktails and movies weekend wrap upSorry, everyone! A 48-hour flu sideswiped the main office on Thursday and laid the boss up on the couch at home all weekend. Hopefully you saw our movie marathon postings on Twitter… Anyway, the silver lining in not making any weekend box office picks on Friday is that you can’t go wrong.

Although, we would have definitely picked The Wolverine as the box office winner. We saw it and will have Mike’s review of it up shortly. Some were expecting an $85m opening, but we thought that might have been really optimistic, and we would have been correct because the movie opened below what the previous Wolverine movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, made in its opening. But, still $55m is not bad. The problem is that the less than stellar fan opinions of Origins, and to a certain extent X-Men: The Last Stand, helped sink the franchise to lower and lower openings. The next couple of weekends will truly tell the tale of whether The Wolverine is back, or if this is just another misstep towards renewing the X-Men name.

Cocktails and Movies Presents “Take Out Theater” – The Tao of Steve

Witness an early Donal Logue at his best

This week, Cocktails and Movies goes from last week’s troubles of being a high schooler to this week’s troubles of being a highly educated, slightly misogynistic slacker type with the selection of The Tao of Steve as this week’s installment of Cocktails and Movies Wednesday segment, “Take Out Theater.” This 2000 movie opened at the Sundance Film Festival, where Logue won the best actor prize. It’s a relaxed and easy-going, fun movie to watch by yourself or with friends. The dialogue is snappy and quick with great insight into all manners of philosophy, including Logue’s group mentality of their love of Steve McQueen. And conversations reach some conclusions that you don’t see coming. So, grab some take out and make up a Long Island Iced Tea (see below). And remember to use the hashtag #TakeOutTheater when sharing this on Facebook or Twitter.

Cocktails and Movies Weekend Wrap Up: Scaring Up Your Money on July 19-21


We’re not as good as we think we are… (yet)

Cocktails and Movies Flicks to Pick The ConjuringAfter a crowded weekend, a clear winner emerged… a winner YOU put there!

We said last weekend that “horror sells”, and boy were we right. However, even we underestimated just how much it would sell to audiences in packed movie houses last weekend. Here’s the rundown of all of the estimates from last weekend’s box office: