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Cocktails and Movies Weekend Wrap Up – July 12-14


Did we call the weekend correctly at Cocktails and Movies?

A very close weekend here at Cocktails and Movies, where the news isn’t as bad as other people have spun it. So pull up a stool, grab a bloody mary, and recap with us where YOU spent your hard earned money this weekend!

Overall, this weekend was a real close horse race. We went from Pacific Rim opening strong on Thursday night, to Grown Ups 2 taking the lead on Friday, to Despicable Me 2 ultimately taking the crown. It was a lot like a title fight in which the the title holder comes in and smacks around the two contenders. In fact, the differences between each of the top three shows just how close of a weekend it was.

Cocktails and Movies Review – “Despicable Me 2:” Incurably Adorable

Yet Another Successful Trip With Our Inner Children at Cocktails and Movies!

cocktails and movies Despicable Me 2 MovieFatherhood, for the most part, tends to mellow even the most hardcore guys. In the case of former evil genius Gru (Steve Carell), it’s turned him into a Jelly/Jam entrepreneur that’s given up the world (literally) for his daughters. Instead of fighting off heroic forces, he’s fighting off boys who want the hand of his eldest daughter. Instead of trying to take over the world, he’s been recruited to save it. Most weirdly, instead of avoiding women, he’s badgered by his nosy next door neighbor (and to a certain extent, his own adopted kids) to start dating her “interesting” friends.

Cocktails and Movies Review: White House Down – Emmerich Has Fallen

Cocktails and Movies Battles It Out To Save The White House Again… Albeit With Varying Results.

cocktails and movies white-house-down

Bad Boys of The Beltway

On one of the most important days in America’s history, just as President James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx) is ready to pull all of his troops out of the Middle East and pursue peace, an attack is launched that disrupts the seat of government. Only one man can defeat the thugs trying to strong arm the President… Officer John Cale (Channing Tatum). Wait… haven’t we done this dance before? In fact, and this could just be me, but I think I reviewed a movie just like this back in April.

Cocktails and Movies Weekend Review: What You Saw With Your Popcorn


Cocktails and Movies Has The Stats To Back What You Saw This Weekend As 3D Glasses Met Bar Glasses!

Monsters University cocktails and MoviesMonsters and Zombies and Aliens (not British resident aliens, Kryptonian), Oh Wow! A lot of glasses were recycled this weekend, as the top three films of this week had 3D conversions available for public consumption. While post filmed 3D movie conversions are still an iffy business (as evidenced by World War Z‘s lackluster conversion), some are still worthwhile. (Man of Steel didn’t look half bad behind the shades, nor did Monsters University.) With this weekend over and in the books, here are the top 10 films you saw in your local multiplex across America this weekend:

Cocktails and Movies Review: “After Earth” – Nepotism Lives 1000 Years Later

“After Earth” leaves Cocktails and Movies wishing for better casting

cocktails and movies

See? There’s the problem.

When we walked into the theater to screen “After Earth,” we had heard all the rumors pointing about it being an ode to Scientology. We knew that it was directed by M. Knight Shyamalan. And we knew that it was suffering from some questionable casting choices involving the main actor who is also the producer… Still for some reason we went. Being geeks (nerds, dorks, whatever you want to call us) and lovers of sci-fi, we HAD to go see this movie. Besides we promised we’d wait to see Now You Seem Me with a friend. Luckily, we found ourselves one of four people inside the largest theater at the Arclight Beach Cities and we could tweet our thoughts (@cocktailsmovies) on Twitter on how bad this turkey was.