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Cocktails and Movies Take Out Theater: “Compliance”

by Mike Reyes

A disturbing true story leads to one of the most disturbing films of the last few years on this week’s Take Out Theater

take out theater snacks_tray cocktails and moviesWe’re going to open this week’s #TakeOutTheater with a warning: this movie isn’t for everyone. In fact, the content in this film has been known to seriously disturb and put off audience members watching this film. It’s a brutal, devastating look at the abuse of trust, the illusion of power, and what happens when we let ourselves get carried away in the name of “cooperating with the authorities.”  It is not for everyone, but if you can handle it, it’s a really well made film that covers very disturbing subject matter. That subject matter being trust in our institutions of authority. It’s something that we’re raised with, something that is as inalienable as the rights that those institutions uphold. But what if a random stranger with malicious intent were to hijack one of those said institutions, or at least their guise? What’s more, what if that stranger had the trust of those who were our direct superiors, and could control them in any way shape or form?

Let’s take a look at: