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Baby Driver Review: The Ultimate Summer Joy Ride

by Mike Reyes

Somebody better call the folks at Merriam-Webster, because it’s time to update the dictionary. Cool is now spelled “B-A-B-Y.”

Edgar Wright is one of the most important director of modern cinema, and there’s very little room to argue against this fact. His understanding of the movies is so keen that he can always send up a genre while paying tribute to it with a fully functional entry in its canon. But with Baby Driver, he pushes himself to provide more than just another Edgar Wright film. It’s because of this that just might be his best work yet.

Cocktails and Movies Review: “The World’s End” – An Addiction Drama… With Robots

Cocktails and Movies Shows Up For The Movie They Saw In The Commercials, And Gets Something More Than They Expected!

London – April 2004: As an American college student studying abroad for the Spring Semester, I did a lot of things alone in the British capital. I went to concerts and shows, I went shopping, and – of course – I went to the movies. It was coming up on the last couple of weeks in the semester, and I wanted to go see one last film before heading home. I wanted to see something the folks at home couldn’t see, at least not yet. More importantly, I wanted to see something good. All three of those criteria were fulfilled, and then some, when I bought a ticket for Shaun of the Dead. Almost ten years, and two films removed from that impressive feature film debut, Edgar Wright has finally finished his Cornetto Trilogy (aka The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy) with a film that’s about finishing what you started and succeeding where others have failed. In this case, he’s capped off his trilogy with a film that finished that unofficial trilogy he’s started, and he’s succeeded where others have failed by delivering a final installment to a trilogy that doesn’t crumble under its own weight.