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CocktailsandMovies.com Fall & Year End 2017 Movie Preview

by Tim Barley, Mike Reyes, and Duwayne Tso

The fate of the 2017 box office rests on the next three months of movies

cocktailsandmovies.com Fall 2017 box office preview

Cocktailers, the days are growing shorter, and the movies are growing deeper. What was traditionally the time for audiences to flood to the box office (Summer) was a disaster this year. The Summer 2017 box office was the worst in 25 years. And now, every studio is banking on some big movies to stem their losses. Some Fall movies have built in audiences (Star Wars: The Last JediThor: Ragnarok), but others will have to struggle to bring in money against the NFL, and a world that just seems out of control. So, let’s take a look at the next three months and get our main contributors’ takes on what we can expect between now and New Year’s Eve as we look at the 2017 CocktailsandMovies.com Fall Movie Preview.