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Cocktails and Movies Review: “Fast & Furious 6” – Pedal to the Medal!

“A Great Cocktail and Movies movie”

Cocktails and Movies fast & furious 6 movie posterFast & Furious 6 is like heart stopping, pulse pounding, No2-driven adrenaline shot straight to the senses! Literally, there were moments in the film when this reviewer, and everyone else in the theater, were holding their breaths and then exhale in nerve straightening laughter. It’s not to say that there aren’t a few “Oh. Come. On!” moments. There are. But, those moments serve to make you forget a few cheesy super machismo lines and up close testosterone, penis measuring moments, and laugh at the audacity of what you just saw. This is the perfect movie for a Cocktails and Movies crowd; highly entertaining, action-paced, funny and all around kick ass!

Cocktails and Movies: Flicks to Pick This Weekend


Flicks That Cocktails and Movies Suggests YOU Will See This Weekend

Oh, it’s on now! It’s week three of the Summer Movie Season, and now the big movies are cocktails and movies star-trek-into-darknessstarting to come out every weekend and sometimes twice! With these new releases, it’s going to make it harder for Cocktails and Movies to figure how the box office will shake out each week. Kids are out of school, spending allowance, trying to find a summer job. But, with so many monster-sized movies making it to cineplexes each week, who gets all that box office? Well, here goes:

Cocktails and Movies Presents: Summer 2013 Movies To See

By Tim Barley and Mike Reyes

Cocktails and Movies’ Tim and Mike Pick The Movies To See This Summer!

Summer is almost here! That means BIG movies. In the industry they are called “tent pole releases.” They have big budgets. And big stars. The studios hope that you’ll spend your hard earned paper route money going to see them again. And again. And again… Not all movies are made equally and not all recoup their budgets. But, we think that we’ve picked a number of films that will both entertain AND make a boat load of money.