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Cocktails and Movies Flicks to Pick


This week on Flicks To Pick: Vin Diesel owns the weekend. No, seriously, Riddick is the only wide release this weekend…

Cocktails and Movies Riddick posterThe Cocktails and Movies #FlicksToPick segment is back with a rather light weekend of releases. Come to think of it, only one big studio film is releasing in wide theater distribution today, so we’re kinda short on new contenders. However, we are not short on analysis and self inflated opinions, and therefore the show must go on!

Cocktails and Movies Flicks to Pick


Cocktails and Movies #flickstopickaug30This week on Cocktails and Movies’ Flicks To Pick: Ethan Hawke drives, Eric Bana tries, and Teens break hearts through song and drama. Add in some kung-fu mastery and a high school drama and you have yourself the weekend lineup of movies for everyone in your family.

It’s #FlicksToPick time, guys! The end-of-summer box office has fallen to Earth with a thud. We’ve had a crap month so far, but it’s August, so we’re not terribly surprised. Though we’re sad to see some of our recent favorites floundering, we’re soldiering on and bringing you the box office predictions that you’re not only used to, but hopefully have grown rather fond of. Before we do though, here’s another reminder that the last #CocktailsAndMoviesTreasureHunt guess is due by 5 PM PST today!!! Just email those guesses to cocktailsandmovies.contests@gmail.com by the deadline to be eligible for some goodies! The clues are sprinkled through our Twitter feed and Facebook timeline, as well as the past answers to the puzzle.

Now, onto the new releases this week…

Cocktails and Movies Flicks To Pick


Fantasy! Horror! And heavy drinking! Oh my! It’s just another weekend for Cocktails and Movies!

cocktails and Movies Flicks to Pick August 23rdThis week on Cocktails and Movies Flicks To Pick: Watch a family being hunted for sport, a girl hunting interdimensional demons, and a bunch of friends with pints being hunted by giant robots!

Hello and welcome to another installment of #FlicksToPick: the column where we not only try to suggest what you’ll be seeing this weekend, but we also try to guess what’s actually going to be worth seeing this weekend! Another crowded field is in play, as we have three more films that are in wide release this weekend, so let’s get underway!

Cocktails and Movies Weekend #FlicksToPick

Four movies open this weekend, but will YOU see them?

cocktails and movies #flickstopick aug16 ka2, paranoia, butler, jobsThis week on Cocktails and Movies installment of #FlicksToPick: You can eschew your Paranoia to go out and see Ashton Kutcher in Jobs. Or will you hand over all your chores to The Butler, then go out and Kick Ass 2 with the gang from the West Coast branch of Cocktails and Movies on Saturday night? 

Cocktails and Movies Weekend “Flicks To Pick”


“Flicks To Pick:” Where Cocktails and Movies tells you what to watch

We’re coming off some great highs (Pacific Rim) and lows (Grown Ups 2) this past weekend and like every (film) junkie will tell you, it’s hard to concentrate after binging for so long. This week is going to be a tough one! First, we haven’t seen any of the movies coming out this weekend. (ahem, studio PR, marketing people…) Second, we have another crowded weekend of movies dropping in theaters and it’s a really difficult field to read. Break out the blindfolds, shots of Jameson and the darts, as we set the board up for some prognosticating!