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Cocktails And Movies’ Boozy Ballot ’14 – Oscar Edition


Time to get ready for Sunday, golden Sunday with our Oscar picks!

Cocktails and Movies Oscars 2014Oscar Night! That one big night of the year us film geeks can sit around a television and berate the action like a sports fan debates the ref on game day. All at once a shining symbol of excellence, and a reminder that American Hustle might have been a loosely veiled adaptation of Oscar Voting season, set in the true life story of the Abscam sting in New Jersey. There will be favorites. There will be snubs. There will be blood! Ok, maybe not blood, but there will definitely running mascara and foundation. And there will be drinking right here in the Cocktails and Movies offices.

In preparation for the excitement of Hollywood’s big night, we here at Cocktails and Movies would like to share our own picks for the top winners of the top honors of the evening. And boy, do we have A LOT to say, folks. So pull up a chair, and your Oscar Ballots, as we might have some inside tips for you to pick the winners.

Cocktails and Movies Weekend Flicks to Pick!


This week on Cocktails and Movies “Flicks to Pick:” puberty, prison breaks, and public secrets!

movie ticket and popcorn cocktails and movies flicks to pickIt’s #FlicksToPick time again, everyone. This week we’ve got a couple of good choices for you to check out this weekend. Of course, there’s always the chance that you’re going to want to play catch up and see something that’s been out for a couple of weeks (Mike still hasn’t seen Prisoners or Cloudy 2). Nevertheless, we’re here to educate you about what’s coming out this weekend, and educate you we will. So grab some paper and take some notes, because you’re about to get schooled.

Cocktails and Movies Monday Morning Wrap Session


Asking what those cocktail stained movie stubs were for? Cocktails and Movies tells you what you saw this weekend.

cocktails and movies monday wrap sessionLike January and February, October is usually reserved for the movies that studios forgot to find a release for and are dumped into this time of year filled with football, baseball playoffs, hockey and basketball. But, if box office analysts needed any support for the hypothesis that the off season is becoming a thing of the past in Hollywood, the month of October (so far) has proven to be a rather successful case study. There have been some bona fide hits already this fall and we’re only three+ weeks into Fall. The weekend’s box office films played out as follows:

Box Office Estimates 10/11 – 10/13 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

1. Gravity:  Actual: $44.3 mil. / Estimate: $35 mil

2. Captain Phillips: Actual: $26 mil. / Estimate: $27 mil

3. Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2: Actual: $14.2 mil. / Estimate: $16 mil

4. Machete Kills: Actual: $3.79 mil. / Estimate: $9 mil

5. Runner Runner: Actual: $3.72 mil. / Estimate: $5 mil

6. Prisoners: $3.66 mil.

7. Insidious Chapter 2: $2.7 mil.

8. Rush: $2.4 mil.

9. Don Jon: $2.3 mil.

10. Baggage Claim: $2.1 mil.

(Apparently, Tim started drinking early in the office early last week with his projection for Machete Kills)

cocktails and movies 2013 fall movie preview Gravity-2013Gravity had a lighter drop than most big audience films usually encounter, but this could be due to the moderate box office it raked in last weekend. Warner Brothers took a gamble and came out big with this one, as the film has crossed its budget threshold and is looking to march onto profitability as it progresses in its theatrical release. Meanwhile, Captain Phillips, benefitting from fantastic reviews, managed to be another good decision on their box office slate this year, as it opened with a sizable $26 million estimated gross. It’s not enough to wash the taste of Sony’s “Summer of Fail” out of the shareholder’s mouths, but this and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 (this week’s 3rd place finisher) are a good start towards the studio actually making money.

Rounding out the top 5 was the debut of Machete Kills in 4th and Runner Runner clocking in with a 5th place finish. A picture like Machete Kills is a blessing and a curse for a burgeoning studio like Open Road Films: it’s a blessing because it’s a pre-established franchise with well known faces in front of (and behind) the camera. However, it’s a curse because even though it’s a low budget film, it’s not going to really rake in that much of a profit, due to its very limited audience. Nevertheless, it’s nice to know that there are studios who will sign a check and keep Robert Rodriguez in the business of entertaining. The man has earned his right to make these types of films. Runner Runner, on the other hand, looks like a film a lot of people have said “I’ll rent it on DVD” instead. Not a nail in the coffin for either Justin Timberlake or Ben Affleck, as both have severely higher visibility projects coming up in the near future, but not a clear signal that JT should be toplining a film just yet. We’ll see how he fairs in The Coen Brothers next venture, Inside Llewyn Davis.

Week 3 of our #31DaysOfHighballsAndHorrors begins today! Looking over your shoulder a lot? Scared to death that someone’s out to get you? Or are you just afraid of everything? Our professional diagnosis? You’re paranoid, and as we all know “There’s No Cure For That”. That’s right, week 3 will focus on suspenseful thrillers and psychological horrors that keep us up at night… as well as watchful during the day. #LightsDownGlassesUp people, we’re on the clock for another week!


Cocktails and Movies Weekend Wrap Session


The box office scares up some great numbers for the first week of October!

cocktails and movies 2013 fall movie preview Gravity-2013Do you hear that, Mixers? That sound that filled the air this weekend? That was buzz. That was October becoming the first shot in the battleground that is fall tent pole season. Really, it’s “pup tent” pole season, but still… It was a hell of a weekend at the top of the charts, but also a good weekend for two surprises coming out of the Indie world. With that in mind, we present to you the films that YOU picked to see this weekend.

Cocktails and Movies Weekend “Flicks to Pick”


This week on Cocktails and Movies’ Flicks To Pick: JT bets his life and a couple of Oscar winners float for their lives!

cocktails and movies flicks to pick runner-runner-gravityGood Friday to you all! Only two #FlicksToPick this weekend, but the two we have look rather good. One is an unexpected surprise, and one is a long awaited blockbuster that went through a rather lengthened period in “Development Hell.” Both look to be paying off and paying out thanks to last weekend’s rather healthy showing of competition. Fall tentpole season looks to be starting early this season, so let’s see who our next two contestants are with this weekend’s #FlicksToPick!