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Cocktails and Movies Fall 2013 Must-See Movies

By Tim Barley and Mike Reyes

Cocktails and Movies shows you your best Fall movie options in the theaters!

COCKTAILS AND MOVIESFALL MOVIE PREVIEW IMAGESummer has come to an end. Football is here and the days are getting shorter, allowing us to justify more time in the movie theaters. Usually, this time of year is when the studios put out their prestige or “Oscar bait” films. This year is no exception. But, there are some really good-looking fun films sprinkled here and there and we hope to alert you to a few of them. We’ll run down the list week by week and give you our picks for what we’d like to see with a flask, a soda from concessions and a big tub of popcorn! First a few words from Mike and Tim:

Mike: “Unintentionally, I’ve got A LOT of movies that scream “awards contenders” on my list. I couldn’t help it! This is a crop of films that just scream potential, mixed with entertainment. Though if you want proof of me not being a complete snob, I have included a list of Honorable Mentions.”

Tim: “I love movies. Probably more than I’ve loved anything else in my life. Which is sad and sometimes lonely. But, there is no bigger thrill for me than walking into a darkened, quiet theater and enjoying some escapism with random strangers. Somehow, it justifies my attempt at turning this into a business endeavor… (I’m looking at you alcohol, theater, restaurant and studio advertisers…)