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CocktailsandMovies.com Thursday Trailer Tap – 06/14/18

by Duwayne Tso

Cocktails and Movies and Trailers, Oh My!

Cocktailsandmovies.com Thursday Trailer Tap
Are you sitting in your cubicle with stacks of TPS reports to go through? Listening to that conference call where everyone is talking at the same time about nothing at all that matters? Stuck at the water cooler hearing how the ladies of Ocean’s 8 took the #1 spot this past weekend! Need something to watch with that flask in your desk and that burned microwave popcorn from the break room? Let us share movie trailers with you with this week’s The Thursday Trailer Tap

Budget Slashing: Which Horror Franchise is the Biggest Money Maker?

By Mike Reyes

Cocktails and Movies does a body count and adds up the proceeds

horror cocktails and movies profitable moviesHorror franchises are easy to set up. The villains are so over-powering and easy to resurrect that all you really need are one or two survivors and a fresh batch of unsuspecting teenagers and dim witted adults. It’s not hard for evil to kill, die, come back, kill again, and die again.  What is hard, though, is keeping a franchise going for a long period of time without spending too much money in the process. Still, good brand recognition and a frugal budget can keep you rolling in dough for quite a few movies. Taking into account the total budgetary expenditures versus total box office grosses, we’re going to look at the numbers for several of Hollywood’s most prominent blood banks and see who reigns supreme.

Cocktails and Movies #MonstersManiacsAndMadmen: Title Fight!

Special by Tim Barley

For more than 35 years now, we’ve been privy to some of the best serialized movie killers in history

#monstersmaniacsandmadmenIn 1978, a little movie called Halloween and a killer by the name of Michael Myers stormed into theaters with practically no marketing budget and a $325k budget, but great word-of-mouth and a creepy score, and walked away with $70 million world-wide ($240 million today). It also featured an unknown actress by the name of Jamie Lee Curtis. Two years later, another unstoppable serial killer would grace the silver screen by the name of Pamela Voorhees (her son, Jason, would soon take over the killing chores in Part 2) in Friday the 13th. And then two years later, in 1984, we were taught to fear falling asleep when Freddy Kreuger invaded them in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

So, here we are. For thirty years, a generation has been taught to fear falling asleep on Halloween at camp. Triple whammy for kids! Oh, and NOT to have promiscuous sex, a lesson which seemed to be lost on the characters in subsequent sequels AND on the movie going public in general… But, how do Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees size up next to each other? I’ll take a look at the facts and figures of each and see which one of these wins the 1st annual Cocktails and Movies Slasher Sash!